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Prefab Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Any Alabama Automotive Business
Mar 2022

Prefab Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Any Alabama Automotive Business

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

Automobile Businesses in Alabama and Metal Buildings

Over the last few decades, the state of Alabama has become one of the largest automotive industry hubs in the US. With vehicle manufacturers such as Honda, Hyundai, and even Mercedes-Benz moving their businesses to the region, it’s no surprise that this southern state has become the ‘place to be’ if you’re in the automotive manufacturing field. It’s so large, in fact, that Alabama ranked 5th in the US in terms of auto production.

As you can imagine, many of these businesses rely on the benefits of steel structures to function well. Metal buildings are some of the strongest and most adaptable construction methods on the market, making them the go-to solution for a large variety of industries across many sectors. Automotive manufacturers require ample room to house manufacturing equipment, and that kind of interior square footage is only feasible with buildings constructed of steel.

Business Opportunities Surrounding Alabama’s Automotive Industry

As a result of this enormous influx of businesses, many other industries have popped up in the wake. These businesses are centered around providing services for the many cars manufactured here. These businesses include:
Car Dealerships
What good is a car if you don’t have someone to sell it! Car dealerships have expanded immensely in regions where these large vehicle manufacturers operate. These businesses frequently operate as the interface between manufacturers and potential buyers. With a need for large showrooms, storage facilities, and office spaces, many car dealerships turn to the advantages metal buildings provide.

Car Washes – Our commercial buildings make amazing car washes! Car washes are another Alabama industry that’s risen in prominence in response to these large automotive manufacturers. And due to their quick installation time and cost-effective design, many car washes use steel structures for their shops and wash bays.

Car Customization Shops – With so many vehicles coming off Alabama’s production lines, vehicle customization shops are never too far behind! These commercial businesses offer car owners a wide array of car upgrades and aftermarket equipment.

Painting Services – Paint shops are another Alabama industry that relies on metal buildings. These businesses often use prefab steel structures for their shops and storefronts.

Car Repair Shops – By far one of the largest sectors bolstered by the automotive industry, car maintenance is necessary for every new car owner. And metal structures are among the best construction methods for these business types due to their efficiency and adaptability. Depending on the business owner’s needs, these structures can be designed with multiple garage bays, doors, windows, and many other customization options.

Popular Sizes of Our Prefab Metal Buildings in Alabama

Garage Buildings is proud to offer a wide range of building options. And we understand that, with so many options available to you, it all might seem a bit confusing. To help make the process a little easier, we’ve put together some of our most popular size options:

30×40 – A 30×40 structure offers 1,200 square feet of interior space, making it an excellent option for smaller paint shops or car washes.

40×60 – This size option is larger, providing roughly 2,400 feet of open square footage. It’s a perfect size for a combined one-bay repair shop and office space!

30×30 – Coming in at 900 square feet, this structure is large enough to comfortably accommodate a single vehicle and additional equipment. This makes it a wonderful size for personal garage spaces or spray shops.

24×36 – A 24×36 is roughly 864 square feet, making it a thinner option than the 30×30 structure. It’s a building size that would work as a great car wash or detailing shop!

30×50 – With 1,500 feet of open space, a 30×50 steel structure is more than enough for a repair
or tire shop. And with our extensive array of customization options, you’ll have full access to make it truly your own.

The Benefits of Investing in a Metal Building

No matter where in Alabama you call home, the benefits of purchasing a metal building are extensive. We could go on for days about all the advantages these incredible structures provide. But we won’t! We’ll simply narrow it down to some of the most important ones!

Open Space – Unlike most wooden alternatives, metal buildings, like our clear span designs, can be built with little to no need for internal supports. This square footage is an excellent solution for automotive shops and storefronts that require open space for vehicles or inventory.

Easy Customization – One of the most significant aspects of our structures is their extensive customization options. This essentially allows you to build your metal building to your exact specifications. Everything from the paneling to windows and doors can be changed and altered to suit your chosen business style.

Resilience – When you purchase a metal structure, you can be sure that it will be built to last. Steel buildings are designed to have a lifespan far greater than wooden options. And with minimal need for repairs over the years, you’ll save money time and again each time you won’t have to hire a maintenance crew to perform repairs.

Fire Resistance – In addition to being naturally resistant to moisture damage, rust, and pest, steel structures can withstand temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a higher temperature than most fires reach. And while no structure is genuinely fireproof, a steel building will always be your best bet in a fire.

Lower Insurance Rates – Many insurance companies base their premiums on the average danger risk of a particular construction type. And with steel being one of the strongest structures on the market, many providers charge less to cover a metal building than a wooden one.

Pricing – The only thing that’s stronger than the steel we use is our pricing! Garage Buildings offers competitive prices for all our structures while never compromising on quality. With included installation and a structure that needs minimal maintenance over the course of its life, you’ll save money before, during, and long after your structure is built.

Alabama is Your Home for Prefab Metal Buildings!

Garage Buildings is proud to offer a wide selection of steel structures for every need. From smaller residential equipment sheds to enormous manufacturing facilities, we have the skills and expertise to deliver a product that will last. If you’ve been thinking about starting an automotive-based business, there’s no better time to act! Our commercial steel buildings or metal building kits are here as a fantastic foundation for your new shop, studio, or office!
Give us a call today at +1 (888) 234-0475 and let our team of building specialists help you design, customize, and realize the structure you need for your new business! Whether you’re starting a small tire shop or a large car dealership, these versatile structures have everything a new Alabama business owner could want!

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