Double Car Garages

Double Car Garages
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What is a Double Car Garage?

The double-car metal garage is designed for the specific purpose of storing two cars, although of course any garage can be repurposed toward other needs. The double-car garage has two standard garage door openings and space to fit two non-commercial sized cars, vans, or pickup trucks.

How Big Should a Garage Be for Two Cars?

Typically, a 2-car garage is about 450-500 square feet. They can be 20’ to 30’ wide for convenient spaces to move. In general terms, the garage should fit two mini-vans or SUVs as needed rather than only being able to store two small 2-door coupe style cars.

Two Car Garage InstallationsLike other metal buildings, the prefab 2 car garage can be customized for specific needs but is generally modular in nature. Such a style allows for ease of installation.

Our metal garages have a 4×4 inch pressure floor. You can choose to include or exclude it. We use 29-gauge standard steel panel and 14-gauge standard tubing frames with 2 ½” x 2 ½” diameter. You can choose windows and doors as you need.

Our in-house crew can erect the building with the experience of working daily. The structure comes pre-fabricated. Our crew assembles them and erect the building within a few matters of hours.

What Are the Advantages of a Two Car Metal Garage?

  • Versatile: Double car garages are well-known for serving storage and shop functions other than simply keeping a car, as the open design with a two-car garage door lends itself well to other purposes.
  • Best Price Guaranteed: At Garage Buildings, we guarantee the best quality in the lowest possible prices. You can rest assured of durable structures within your budget.
  • Fully Customized: Although 2 car garage sizes and two car garage kits typically follow a modular design for efficiency, they can be built to custom measurements or design needs when the variety of modular panels don’t quite fit the purpose of the end user.
  • Vehicle Protection: Although the weather in North America is relatively mild, summer sunshine, fall leaves, winter snow, and spring rains can leave small dings and cause the paint to fade. A prefab two car garage will protect a car’s finish and resell value.
  • Highly Durable: The two-car garage is designed and built to withstand the weather which can damage a car while still functioning properly and looking great.
  • Fire Resistance: Any fire is cause for alarm, but steel doesn’t ignite and therefore the integrity of the building is one less concern should such an unfortunate event occur.

Two Car Side Entry Metal Garage

The two-car garage door doesn’t have to fit the traditional style of two in front. There are situations in which it might work better or be worthy of consideration to placing one garage door on the front of the building and the other on the side, depending on the lay of the land and how the garage is intended to be accessed.

How Wide Are Two Car Garages?

A brief overview of two car garage size suggests 20 feet is wide enough to store two cars with room to open doors and walk between them, and perhaps store children’s toys or gardening tools along the outer walls. To incorporate modular four- and eight-foot wall sections, 24 feet work a little better and provides extra space which will always be appreciated.

Two Car Garage Prices

Two car garage cost depends on specific needs and circumstances, it starts from $4695 and price as high as per the specifications are chosen. The price includes delivery and installation.

Choose Two Car Metal Garage at Best Price

Contact us at Garage Buildings to discuss which 2 car garage sizes and two car garage kits will best suit your needs. We offer free quotes, so you aren’t obligated to purchase after comparing our best prices and service to that offered by others. You’ll find our representatives to be courteous and professional, spending the time to answer your questions and ready to help fill your needs for a new metal garage building.

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