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Metal Garage Buildings Types and Features
Mar 2017

Metal Garage Buildings Types and Features

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

Metal Garages Features

Metal Garages are smaller buildings that can be purchased in a variety of sizes to meet personal needs as well as for business, residential, or commercial projects.  Our Steel Garages are comprised of quality steel that are easily erected, maintenance free, and built for longevity and durability. The perfect solution for protecting all types of vehicles or equipment.  They can also serve other storage purposes.

Metal Garage Buildings Types and Features

One of the great advantages of deciding to go with a metal garage is the choices in types that are available. The features of the steel buildings is going to be important as you need to know if the one you are choosing is going to fit your requirements. Some of the main features that they come with are:

  • Gauge for steel frame and sheet metal
  • Variation in size (width, length and height)
  • Number of Windows
  • Types of doors
  • Maintenance free
  • Choice in roof styles (Regular, A-frame and Vertical)
  • Durable
  • Ease of install

One, Two, Three Car Metal Garages

One car metal garages work well for the single family vehicle homes. They are smaller in size and have plenty of space for housing pretty much anything you need. Two or Three car homes have options for our Two Car Metal Garages and Three Car Garages as well. Many often go with with a  two or three car steel garage so they can use the additional space for other storage needs.

Side Entry Metal Garage

The other of steel garages is the choice to have side entry metal garage doors. These side entry metal garage doors really are a convenience as you don’t have to open your garage door every time for utilizing the interior space. It also adds a great look to the overall style of the steel garage. This is a great feature to have especially if the metal garage is going to be heated, as it prevents the heat from escaping in a large open area that would occur when using the main doors.

Metal Garage Buildings

Metal garage buildings provide an array of benefits.  Specific wants and needs are identified with our design team so the right choice can be made from the different types of buildings we offer. For example, some people find that having a side entry metal garage is an important option for them.

First consideration that comes to buying steel garages, is deciding on the size that is required. This will be determined by the amount of space that is available for construction and importantly will based on the final version of metal garage you move forward with. As an example, you may choose a 12 or 21 foot wide building.  Maybe you are looking for a larger building like a triple wide such as a 26 to 30 foot wide. There are huge variations in sizes and why it’s important that considering these you have a clear idea as to what they are going to use it for.  Understanding these different sizes offers a lot of flexibility.

Metal Roof Types for Steel Garages

Metal roof types can range. If you are planning on just looking at the classic roof style, you would then choose a regular roof with garages options. The standard steel garages version regular roof is the most economical, and attractive looking with its top to bottom curved ridges.

If your preference is an “A frame” (boxed eave) roof there are many metal garages options available including this style of roof.  They come with the horizontal ridges and are very impressive in their looks.

A steel garage may demand the consideration for the environment that it is going to be constructed in. If you are dealing with heavy snow and rain then your best choice for roofing would be the vertical roof style.   It has  vertical ridges and uses the A frame structure.

While these are considered as the most important components there will be lots of other choices that are available which provides opportunities to look at metal garages customization options.

Metal Garage Buildings Customization

Customization can be broken down into two categories : wants and needs.


  • Size – width, length and height.
  • Frame – 12 or 14 gauge
  • Sheet Metal Gauge – 26 gauge and 29 gauge.
  • Metal Garage Doors.


  • Additional Walls
  • Windows
  • Side Entry Door
  • Trims and color
  • Customization

Storage Problems Solved

Most people look at metal garages as the primary way to protect their vehicles. There are many other uses for them. For example if you have a lot of outdoor equipment.  It can be difficult finding storage in your home for these expensive items. Having a metal garage as the central location clears up clutter in your home. Need a place to store seasonal decorations and other seasonal household items like air conditioners?  Our metal garages cover these scenarios as well.

Garage Buildings Metal Garages Are Your Best Choice

Making the choice to choose from metal garages not only includes pricing but the quality and workmanship as well. Making your choice of steel garages is simple when you choose Garage Buildings. Not only going to get the best that there is, you are going to get it at factory direct pricing. Garage Buildings has built our business by making the following a passion.

  • Using the best steel materials.
  • Using the best components.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Exceptional warranties backed with an industry leading A+ BBB rating.
  • Being credible, honest, and trustworthy.
  • Offering choices and options for your metal garage selection.

If you are looking to create an affordable space – provide the ultimate protection for your vehicles and items – and save money, then Contact Garage Buildings.

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