2 Car Carports

2 Car Carports
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Double Carports – Metal Shelters Built to Cover Two Vehicles!

If you’ve been searching for a durable structure for your vehicles, boats, and more, a 2-car metal carport is the answer. Garage Buildings is a top dealer of the highest quality steel buildings. Garage Buildings has metal-building expertise and trained Design Consultants that can create a double carport flexible enough to meet all your needs.

A 2-car carport is both attractive and functional. It is a metal structure that starts at 18 feet x 21 feet and is designed to shelter two vehicles. It can be customized to the size you desire. Most families have at least two cars and a 2-car metal carport will protect your vehicles from the weather, such as damaging sun or hail, and from materials that can stain the paint like bird droppings or tree sap. If you live in a northern climate, you won’t have to clear snow off your car in the morning.

A two-car carport makes sense even if you have one vehicle. You can use it for guest parking or store items such as a motorcycle or a lawn tractor.

Choose a Two Car Metal Carport for Multiple Reasons

Garage Buildings double carport has a multitude of uses. Of course, it’s ideal as a parking space for two vehicles. But it can also be used for outdoor storage to keep items like patio furniture protected. In fact, it can be used as an outdoor kitchen and entertainment space, providing shade from the sun and shelter from rain and other elements.

A 2-car carport is flexible and functional enough for many uses at your home:

  • A Boat Cover: Store your boat under the carport to keep it clean and ready to use in the summer months, or to protect it for long-term storage when you aren’t using it.
  • An RV Cover: A two-car carport can be used to safeguard your RV when storing it, or to provide shade and protection if guests or the kids are “camping” in it on your property.
  • An Equipment Shelter: Your lawn tractor, ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, and other equipment deserve the same protection as your car or truck. A two-car metal carport will provide that protection, and free up space in the garage for woodworking or other hobbies.
  • A Poolside Cabana: In hot temperatures, a double carport installed next to your pool will provide shade when you’re relaxing on the pool deck, or shelter if you want to sit outside in inclement weather.
  • A Pavilion: A double carport installed beside your office can provide a pavilion atmosphere for employees to enjoy their lunch break away from their desks. Municipalities can use them as picnic spots or even as bus shelters.
  • A Gardening Area: If you live in a particularly hot environment, a two-car carport is an ideal space for preparing flowerpots or even creating a garden oasis that protects plants from the blazing sun and heat.

Customize Every Aspect of Your 2-Car Carport

At Garage Buildings, we know steel buildings, and we know our customers. Everybody has unique requirements, so we work with you to meet and exceed your needs.

Garage Buildings qualified Design Consultants will work with you to customize your two-car carport the way you want:

  • Size Dimensions (width, length, height): We work with you to determine the ideal size, beginning with how you’ll use the carport. Sizes start at 18 x 21 feet with options for longer and/or wider dimensions. You can also add extra height if you need to store large agricultural equipment, trucks, or RVs. Remember that you need to get in and out of your vehicles so that extra width can be valuable.
  • Colors: Choose to match your home, or opt for neutral tones that match anything, allowing for flexibility in home renovations. Remember that your carport isn’t just for today’s use, so think about possible changes to your situation in the future.
  • Roof Style: Depending on your environment, your roof style is an important consideration, with factors like precipitation and wind playing in the decision. A regular roof may suit your needs, or you can opt for an A-frame or vertical roof style.
  • Windows: If you close in the carport, you can add windows to allow for natural light.
  • Doors: Similarly, you will want to add doors if you close in the carport. Garage doors can be added on one or both ends, and walk-in doors can also be placed where it’s most convenient.
  • 12- and 14-gauge framing: Gauge is the measure of the thickness of steel, and the higher the number, the thinner the steel. Depending on your environment, you can opt for the more economical 14-gauge steel or, the thicker and stronger 12-gauge steel.

Roof Styles for Two Car Metal Carports

Choosing the roof style is one of the most important decisions when purchasing a two-car carport.

Here are the roof styles offered by Garage Buildings:

  • Regular Roof Style: This roof has horizontal panels and curved or rounded edges, and is the most economical of your options. This is ideal if you don’t typically endure heavy rain or snow, or high winds in your area.
  • A-frame Horizontal: This boxed eave style has horizontal metal sheeting. It’s a more durable option than the regular roof, but it’s still best for areas that don’t experience heavy winds or precipitation.
  • Vertical Roof: This style has vertical metal sheeting and is the premium choice. This is the strongest of the roof styles, and the vertical sloping prevents snow buildup and pooling rainwater. In fact, this is the top-selling option as it’s suited for every climate. If you choose a carport that’s longer than 36 feet, this is the required roof style.

Two Car Carports – Sizes and Prices

The trained Design Consultants at Garage Buildings will work with you to determine the appropriate size and other options for your carport, which then determines the pricing options. There are a variety of sizes, for instance, which impact the price. Sizes start at 18×21 feet but can be customized. Oftentimes people opt for wider than 18 feet to allow for room entering their vehicles. The largest width is 24×21 feet, but you can also choose to make it longer than 21 feet.

Other factors that affect two-car carport prices include:

  • Color
  • Style
  • Installation location
  • Roof style
  • Walls, doors, and windows

Garage Buildings also offers easy financing options to fit every budget, from rent-to-own to a financing program. We want to make it easy for you to add the beauty and functionality of a double carport to your property.

Two Car Metal Carports with Utility Storage

Another attractive option for your two-car metal carport is to include a utility building as part of the structure.

For instance, you can enclose the back area of the carport to create storage space. This way, you’ll have secure storage for valuable items, dangerous tools you want to keep away from the kids, or small items that can clutter up the carport space.

Adding a utility space is popular as a cost-effective and versatile way to increase the value of your carport.

Buy Top Quality 2-Car Metal Carports from Garage Buildings

Choosing to buy a two-car metal carport from Garage Buildings’ means you get the best in quality and service. We have expertise in metal buildings and are an experienced dealer of the highest quality steel buildings.

As well, Garage Buildings can boast the following five-star business attributes:

  • Outstanding customer satisfaction
  • On-time delivery of your carport
  • An A-plus Better Business Bureau rating for Customer Service
  • Qualified and trained Design Consultants

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