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Garage Buildings
20x41x12 Side Entry Garage
20x41x12 A Frame Vertical roof side entry garage with (3) 10x10 (1) 36x80 and (3) windows.
Price: $11,610
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Garage Buildings
26x26x10 Two Car Garage
26x26x10 A Frame Boxed eave Garage with (2) 8x8 (1) 36x80.
Price: $8765
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Garage Buildings
24x21x9 Metal garage
24x21x9 A Frame Boxed eave garage with (2) 8x8 doors.
Price: $5615
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Garage Buildings
12x31x10 Side Entry Garage
12x31x10 A Frame Boxed eave side entry garage with (2) 8x8 (1) 36x80 and (1) window.
Price: $5890
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Garage Buildings
20x26x9 Metal Garage
20x26x9 A Frame Vertical roof garage with (2) 8x8 doors.
Price: $5605
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Garage Buildings
20x21x7 Metal carport
20x21x7 A Frame Boxed eave carport with 1.5' panel on each side.
Price: $1495
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Garage Buildings
12x46x8 A Frame Boxed Storage
12x46x8 A Frame Boxed Storage with (5) 6x6 doors.
Price: $7330
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Garage Buildings
12x21x7 Standard Roof Metal Garage
12x21x7 standard roof garage with 6x6 roll up door and window.
Price: $3245
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Metal Buildings MI - We love The Great Lakes State!

Metal buildings MI are durable, long-lasting and affordable solutions for your construction needs. These types of buildings can be used in a number of different ways and have a number of different benefits associated with them. If you are considering metal buildings in Michigan , here is some information you should know.

Steel buildings in Michigan is an opportunity to protect your cars, trucks, boats, RV’s lawn and garden equipment, livestock and other valuables from the elements. We understand at Garage Buildings that buying a building can be a daunting task when taking into consideration everything that the great state of Michigan can throw at you. From freezing temperatures in the winter, severe heat in the summer, thunderstorms, tornadoes, to hurricanes the demands placed on a structure can be scary. But fortunately Garage Buildings has got you covered. We provide the best tubular steel structures to protect what you need and at a price that will make you happy.

Best Styles of Metal Buildings in Michigan

Not every metal building is the same. There are many different types of metal buildings in Michigan , including steel buildings Michigan , prefab metal buildings Michigan and building kits. Here are a few of the different types of metal buildings you can select from.

Commercial Metal Buildings

A commercial metal building is a great option for those who need a commercial or warehouse space. These buildings provide you with the space you need, while also protecting the items you have stored in them.

Metal Garages

If you are looking to install a garage on your property to store cars or create a workshop, a metal garage may be perfect. Whether you are looking for one car, two cars or three car metal garages, we have you covered.

Metal Carports

A metal carport protects your car from the outdoor elements yet is cheaper than a garage. If you want to protect your car, but don't want to invest in a garage, a carport is a great option.

Metal Sheds

When you are looking to store tools, shop equipment, pool supplies, or lawn equipment, a metal shed may be perfect for you. These buildings are smaller than garages yet provide just as much protection.

Farm Buildings

Whether you need a barn, silo or place to store your machinery, there is a metal farm building that is ideal for you.

The Advantages of Steel Buildings in Michigan

There are many advantages to steel buildings and prefab steel buildings MI. Taking the time to learn about the benefits can help you determine if a steel building is right for you. These are just some of the benefits associated with steel buildings.

  • Energy Efficient: Steel buildings are energy efficient. They stay cooler in the summertime and retain heat better in the winter time.

  • Highly Durable: Steel buildings are extremely durable. They can withstand temperature extremes and weather elements that other materials cannot handle well.

  • Low Maintenance: Steel buildings require less maintenance and care than buildings made of other materials, such as wood.

  • Faster to Assemble: Prefab metal buildings are fast and easy to assemble. This helps you to have your building in less time and reduces labor costs.

  • Fire Resistance: Steel buildings are fire resistant. Fire won't engulf the material, helping to protect your structure.

Metal Building Applications in Michigan

Metal buildings can be used in a number of different ways and for different purposes and applications. Metal builds in Michigan can be used to create a garage, a carport, building an industrial building, create a building on your farm, be used for storage space, be used as a warehouse, or even be used as a church.

Top-Notch Craftsmanship

All, and we mean all, of the buildings we supply at Garage Buildings are made right here in the United States from the best materials on the market. We don’t skimp by buying overseas, sub-quality materials and because of that you can be sure that your steel building is the best of the best. You can rest easy knowing your new carport, garage, shed, workshop, barn, or other steel building will hold up to whatever Mother Nature can throw at it with our super strong 12 or 14 gauge steel. American made, American sold, American customer service…We think this helps bolster this country the way an American company should.

Steel Building Prices in Michigan

We work very hard to get you the absolute best price on your building. Our website, ads and social media give you access to those deals 24hours a day, 7days a week. If you have questions regarding your particular area, model, or any other inquiry please give us a call at +1 (888) 234-0475 so we can help you immediately!

Metal Building Prices Michigan
Regular Roof StyleA-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style

Why Turn to Garage Buildings?

There are many ways to use metal buildings MI and many benefits to be using these types of buildings. Are you looking to learn more about metal buildings in Michigan ? Let us at Garage Buildings help you! Contact us today to learn more about the different types of metal buildings we have and their pricing.