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Metal Barns Are Changing the Nature of Farming and Sustainable Living
Nov 2022

Metal Barns Are Changing the Nature of Farming and Sustainable Living

Stephan Michaels

Modern agricultural infrastructure is the product of years of innovation and has come a long way from the stick-built barns of yesteryear. Many farms and ranches now enjoy the benefits of metal barns, using them for livestock shelters, horse stables, and feed storage. They’re prized for being strong, adaptable, and affordable.

But one aspect of metal structures that goes unnoticed is their ecologically conscious nature. Steel buildings use minimal materials and carry a much smaller carbon footprint than wooden barns.

How Metal Barn Buildings Are Changing the Nature of Farming and Sustainable Living

Let’s face it. Modern farming is vastly different than it once was. Small plots and family farms have given way to operations that span hundreds of acres. And servicing such large acreages requires state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Fortunately, metal barns are flexible enough to keep up, providing such advantages as:

3. Carbon Footprint

Steel buildings carry a much smaller carbon footprint compared to wooden structures. Steel won’t require thousands of acres of deforestation and can last for decades beyond the strongest wooden components.

2. Weather Protection

Few structure types are capable of handling more stress than steel buildings. This comes down to steel’s ability to flex when met with external forces such as wind, snow, or seismic activity. When pitted against similar conditions, brittle wood frame buildings might crack and break while steel structures hold strong.

3. Pest Resistance

One of the biggest issues for many modern farming operations is pest control. From rodents that feed on food supplies to termites that cause immense damage to wooden buildings, farmers contend with these creepy crawlies regularly. And prefab metal barns are some of the best ways to prevent them from setting up shop.

4. Preventing Animal Intruders

Another common farm issue is predators. And whether you live in a region with coyotes or wolves, it pays to keep animals safe and secure with a metal building.

5. Less Waste

Unlike wooden structures that often leave behind a large number of unneeded materials after construction, metal buildings are erected using precise components, significantly reducing construction waste.

6. Fire Resistance

Another common issue for some farms is fire safety. Wooden structures are highly susceptible to fires. Steel buildings, however, can withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a far safer choice for farming operations.

7. Energy Efficiency

Prefab steel buildings are some of the most energy-efficient structures on the market. Precise manufacturing techniques allow components to fit together more snugly than wooden structures, reducing airflow and heat loss. As a result, these buildings can stay warmer in the winter and cooler during the hotter months.

8. Recyclability

Did you know that steel is 100% recyclable? After decades of use, these buildings can be melted down, recycled, and used again without diminishing their strength.

Creative Uses for Metal Barns

Believe it or not, metal barns aren’t just made for the farm! In fact, these versatile structures work in a wide variety of applications! Below, we’ve put together a few exciting ways these structures can be used.

1. Metal Barns as Animal Shelters

Whether you’re corralling your K9 friends or stabling horses, metal barns make safe, effective, and affordable animal sheltering facilities. They’re also completely customizable, allowing you to design them with stalls, fencing, doors, and anything else your four-legged friends could need!

2. Metal Barns as a Workshop

If you have a side hustle or hobby, there’s no better way to give it its own dedicated space than with a metal barn. These structures are adaptable enough to make fantastic workspaces, and since they’re fire-resistant, they work well for a wide variety of fire-prone activities such as welding, smithing, glass blowing, and more!

5. Metal Barns for Small Business Storefronts

Did you know that metal barn and prefabricated steel structures are among the most popular choices for commercial businesses? They’re an excellent choice for retail storefronts, providing plenty of space to house inventory, displays, and employees.

4. Metal Barns as Greenhouses

For those with a green thumb, there’s never been a better option for greenhouses and nurseries than metal buildings. These structures can be customized with transparent paneling, windows, and doors to make outstanding growing facilities!

5. Metal Barns as Farmhouses

Steel buildings are also great for homes! By adding insulation, drywall, plumbing, and electricity, you can transform a metal barn into a beautiful home. They’re the perfect option for guest houses, mother-in-law-suites, and more!

Garage Buildings Are Your Metal Barn Experts

Whether you’re the owner of a small farm or an enormous growing operation, a metal building is your cost-effective infrastructure solution. And Garage Buildings is proud to be a part of that! For years, we’ve provided growers and farmers with the structures they need to operate. From simple metal farm buildings to metal barn kits and everything in between, Garage Buildings gets it done!

And we do it with affordability in mind! That’s why we offer some of the most cost-effective metal barns for sale on the market. And we back that up with flexible financing options that put you in the driver’s seat of your own steel structure!

So, if you’re ready to begin your metal barn journey, give Garage Buildings a call at +1 (866) 355-4442! We’ll be happy to help you design and customize a metal barn to suit any need- on or off the farm!

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