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Metal Barns and the Texas Agricultural Market
Apr 2021

Metal Barns and the Texas Agricultural Market

Stephan Michaels

If you are a farmer or rancher, you know the importance of barns, but not just any: steel barns. Agribusiness in Texas is no exception. It’s a little-known fact that Texans were among the first to embrace the utility of agricultural structures. And there is much to appreciate. Metal barns are ideal because they’re attractive and easy to build. Not only that, but Texas metal barns are versatile, durable, and maintenance-free.

Do you need a metal barn to give your cattle some shade from the Texas heat? Cover for your hay storage? Garage Buildings has TX metal barn buildings for you. You can trust the dealer of the highest quality steel buildings in the country. Keep reading to learn more about TX metal buildings

Texas: A Leader in Ranching and Farming

The Texas Department of Agriculture estimates the Lone Star State’s farming and ranching industry stands at more than 248,000 farms and covers more than 130 million acres. That’s more than any other state in the union. Even the average farm in Texas today is 523 acres. Yes, everything is big in Texas. 

Two agricultural Lone Star homesteads are stand-out legends. Both are known for their size and historical significance. Texas is home to both the King Ranch, founded in 1853, and the Waggoner Ranch, founded in 1849. They are the largest agricultural operations in the United States, and they call Texas home.

The King Ranch is located in south Texas and covers more than 1,289 square miles. How does that translate into acreage? It’s larger than Rhode Island and is over 825,000 acres! Spanning more than six counties, King Ranch is as famous for its horse racing stock as its size. Today, King Ranch has grown and diversified its holdings. While maintaining their cattle and farming operations, they’ve expanded into hunting agrotourism as a way to manage game throughout their landholdings. Are you looking for a handcrafted saddle? They’ll sell you one of those too.

The Waggoner Ranch, in north Texas near Vernon, expands across 796 square miles and six counties. Larger than all of New York state, the Waggoner is the largest contiguous ranch in America with an impressive 525,000 acres. In 2016, the Waggoner Ranch sold for an eye-popping $725 million. True to its agricultural roots, they still run cattle on the place and farm more than 25,000 acres.

Certainly, these two operations are outliers in terms of size and output, but these two stand out as examples of Lone Star grit and agribusiness acumen as a state. While not every farm or ranch is a behemoth operation, everything really is bigger in Texas.   

Why Texas Farmer Love Metal Barns 

With Texas being the largest state in the lower Forty-Eight, it’s not surprising it has the states’ largest rural population. An impressive 12% of the state’s population prefer the rural lifestyle.

One only needs to short drive through the countryside to understand what every rural Texan knows. Texas might be bigger, but country living is even better. 

Don’t let the serenity of a country drive fool you. These are working farms and ranches. Beauty takes work and a lot of equipment. For every homestead, there are metal barns for the horses to store hay safely or to protect a tractor from the elements. All the steel buildings you’ll see are an investment to protect their assets. Small or Large. Size of the acreage doesn’t matter. Texas farmers and ranchers depend on prefab metal buildings for their agribusiness needs. And they depend on Garage Buildings.   

Metal barns from Garage Buildings are an excellent solution for storing farm equipment, hay, livestock, and more. These premium quality metal barns are designed to resist heavy snow, rain, and wind and are built with strong steel framing and galvanized steel panels. Each of our buildings is covered by a 20-year rust-through warranty and a one-year workmanship warranty. Get our high-quality barns at the lowest price in industry. Call our experienced building specialists today, they will help you with your metal building needs.

Garage Buildings and Texas Metal Barn Buildings

It’s no surprise that rural Texans choose prefab metal buildings from Garage Buildings. You can trust their metal prefab ranch barns will stand up to the rigors of rural life. The commercial-grade steel buildings by Garage Buildings offer built-in resistance to wind damage, fire, lightning, pests, mold, and aging. Rural Texans trust steel buildings from Garage Buildings for all their structural needs.

The Garage Buildings advantage:

  • High-quality products 
  • Affordable price
  • Clear spans
  • Ease of construction
  • Design versatility
  • Strength and durability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • On-time delivery
  • Qualified & Trained Design Consultants

Order a Metal Barn Today!

Are you inspired yet? Dreaming of a Texas-size prefab steel barn for your acreage? Whether you’re inspired by the historical ingenuity of King Ranch or the vast expanse of the Waggoner Ranch, no dream, no building is too big for Garage Buildings. Our experienced farm, ranch, and rural building design specialists can provide you with a free quote for the best quality and economical agricultural structures, storage buildings, and metal barns in Texas. Let Garage Buildings’ Texas ingenuity go to work for you. Call Garage Buildings now at +1 (888) 234-0475. You’ll discover why Garage Buildings provides the finest metal buildings in Texas and North America.

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