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Does My Land Need To Be Level for a Carport or Garage
Feb 2017

Does My Land Need To Be Level for a Carport or Garage

Stephan Michaels

Garage Buildings Level The Land

One of the most popular questions we get daily is related to land quality or more importantly the leveling of a customer’s land. Due to the way the carports and garages are designed, they do require your land to be level. As it does not need to be perfectly level, the steel does not have the ability to bend at it’s base rails to create a safe structure. Putting a carport, garage, or any metal building without it being level can cause serious issues. Not only for safety, but also the integrity of the steel building itself.

How Do I Make My Land Level?

It does not require a contractor or professional to level your land, but if you have never done it before, you may want to consult an expert first.  Ultimately it comes down to digging and smoothing out the area you plan to place your building.  You will want to be careful of any underground wires or water pipes that may exists under the property. Think of it like smoothing out Play-Doh.  You pound, smooth, and repeat until you get an even grade for the building.

Does Garage Buildings Level The Land For Us?

No, the time needed, compared to the time restraints on our installers, would slow down our delivery routes dramatically.  This would cause huge delays across our network, making costs rise dramatically as we would need to hire more crews and develop more delivery routes for customers all across the United States.  It would also be cheaper for you to find a local contractor that is familiar with your area.

Can I Build A Platform above my Un-even Land to support my new Metal Building?

Yes, an example of this is shown here.  Many customers due to different factors can’t dig into the ground to level their land, so they build a platform for the building to sit on.  Take a look at the picture below for an idea of how this is accomplished.

Level Land 2 Car Garage
Level Land 2 Car Garage
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