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How Vermont Manufacturing Industries Can Benefit from 40x60 Metal Building
Dec 2021

How Vermont Manufacturing Industries Can Benefit from 40x60 Metal Building

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

Overview of Vermont Manufacturing Industry

Vermont has a fascinating industrial history; the Industrial Revolution flourished in towns from Burlington to Brattleboro, supported by the hydraulic power of the Connecticut River. Some called the lowland machine tool industry “Precision Valley”. As modern technology continues to bolster the Green Mountain State’s economy with the production of plastics, semiconductors, and medical devices, metal buildings offer cost-effective storage and industrial space to this vital sector.

One in ten Vermont workers are employed in manufacturing, and this essential sector provides almost ten percent of the state’s total annual output. Manufacturing in Vermont is a $3 billion business! Metal buildings are an important part of supporting this vital industry. They provide secure, cost-effective storage and workspace for a variety of businesses.

The 40×60 Metal Building: Perfect for You!

Our beautifully crafted 40×60 building is a fantastic addition to any industrial enterprise. Built with quality, cold-formed steel, every fire-resistant, the pest-resistant structure is backed by our confidence warranties.

With 2400 square feet of clear span space to utilize, metal buildings owners use this structure to meet the needs of rural and urban manufacturers alike. Farmers, ranchers, and small businesses find the 40’x60’ configuration offers the versatility they need to operate their enterprises. Urban retailers and manufacturers are drawn to the low cost-per-square-foot of this model. Regardless of length, the 40-foot-wide building is built with clear span engineering that offers considerable flexibility. Whether you are building an open office space or an easy access factory floor, this structure is for you!

The 40×60 metal building from Garage Buildings has remained a popular choice for so many years because of its incredible multi-purpose functionality. This frame is easily customized to support Vermont’s unique manufacturing needs and business initiatives. Whether you’re looking for extra entry and exits, a particular style to elevate your brand, or a flexible workspace, this building is an excellent choice.

What Industries Use a 40×60 Metal Building?

  • Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing – Keep your products secure and sterile in the pristine interior of a cold-formed steel metal building. The 40×60 metal building by Garage Buildings is expertly certified and sealed to be energy-efficient.
  • Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing – Your enterprise needs incredible space as you manufacture the pieces for exploring the final frontier. Garage Buildings’ clear span engineering is designed without interior pillars, so you can utilize every square foot of your building.
  • Beverage Manufacturing – Do you need soaring roofs for your beverage vats? We’ve got you covered – literally! Create a seamless brewery and taphouse with our flexible, multipurpose buildings.
  • Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing – The steel buildings from Garage Buildings are built as tough as your industry. Our durable structures are guaranteed to last for decades, non-corrosive, fire-resistant, and built to withstand extreme weather.
  • Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing – Build the perfect cleanroom for your semiconductors within an environmentally friendly steel building from Garage Buildings. Our cost-effective 40×60 building provides the space you need at a price point you’ll love!

Qualities of 40×60 metal building

  • Freedom of design; you’re the architect!
  • Easy expansion to accommodate business growth
  • Flexible height for underbody repair work
  • Fire-resistant structure means lower insurance premiums
  • Clear span design allows for flexible floorplan

40×60 Metal Building Kits and Much More

Are you ready to have your 40×60 metal building installed right away? Garage Buildings can deliver your components in a DIY kit! These prefabricated kits are precision cut on our factory floor and customized to individual customer requests. Every well-supplied kit comes with:

  • Steel frame (and any supporting reinforcements)
  • Steel roof panels
  • Steel wall panels (with your chosen custom color)
  • Required hardware (fasteners)
  • Required anchors
  • Doors & windows

Purchasing a kit puts you in control of the schedule! Why wait on a crew when you can do it yourself? Kits are usually discounted over other orders, so browse the inventory for a design that works well for you!

Get Your Vermont Metal Building Today

Garage Buildings delivers the highest quality metal buildings in the nation! We take pride in producing energy-efficient steel structures that are certified to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. We are so confident in the durability of our products that we back every building with our confidence warranties!

Our custom fabricated buildings are built with one aim in mind: the complete satisfaction of our customers! At Garage Buildings, we aren’t in the business of building a building – we are building a relationship. Call today at +1 (888) 234-0475 and discover why our customers say that our customer service is the best in the industry! Your metal building is waiting for you.

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