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How Clear Span Buildings Are Taking Over the Hotel Industry
Aug 2022

How Clear Span Buildings Are Taking Over the Hotel Industry

As the demand for new hotels continues to grow, many organizations are choosing to install large metal buildings instead of following traditional building methods that are either too expensive or take too long to complete. The most popular choice being installed are clear span structures as they offer wide open spaces that can be designed to suit each hotelier’s needs as well as being quicker to install and costing less to build and maintain.

As architects work to design clear span buildings, they can configure the building to fit a precise space, making sure that every inch is well used and accounted for. The other great thing about clear span metal buildings is that they are easier for contractors to build as there is more space available to work in, allowing a bigger building crew and large machinery access to the site.

What You Need to Consider When Building a Clear Span Hotel

If you are keen to install clear span structures, then there are a number of considerations that you need to think about before you get started:

  • Having a Realistic Outlook – before you invest in metal buildings, you need to be realistic about what will happen and how you will keep your project on track rather than just investing money without a plan.
  • Thinking About the Details – the best way to get the results you need from your metal building is to take the time to plan out all the details, even the small ones. When you know what you need to achieve right down to the basics, you are more likely to get the results you want.
  • Choose the Right Location – picking out a plot of land to install a clear span structure requires you to think about things such as access and utilities so that you don’t end up with a building that can’t do what you need it to. When you have purchased your land, you will also need to consider the best layout for your building so that the sun is a benefit rather than a hindrance for your guests.
  • Consider Construction Requirements – clear span metal buildings are often very large and will require a full construction crew to get the building up and running. Take the time to find a company that has experience with clear span buildings so that you don’t have to pay more than you can afford to have it built.
  • Think About Space Utilization – during the planning phase of all large metal buildings, it is vital that you think about every detail, including how to utilize all the space available to help you turn a profit. From storage spaces to maximizing the number of bedrooms, take the time to plan out everything first.
  • Building an Energy Efficient and Sustainable Hotel – once your hotel is up and running, you will want to achieve the best possible profit margins. One way to do this is to ensure that your clear span metal buildings are energy efficient and use sustainable materials. Steel is a great choice as it is fully recyclable and stores heat, saving you lots of cash on your energy bills.

The Reasons Why Clear Span Buildings Are Great Hotel Businesses

If you still aren’t convinced that a clear span building is a good choice for your new hotel, then take a look at these seven reasons that are sure to convince you:

  • Your Building Will be Durable – metal buildings last longer than traditionally built hotels and also have fewer maintenance requirements, saving you a lot of cash and helping your business to thrive for longer than you’d imagined.
  • You Can Customize Your Design – metal buildings are fully customizable and allow you to create a truly bespoke hotel that is sure to impress and wow your clients.
  • You Can Install Your Hotel Quickly – once your prefabricated metal building arrives on site, your construction crew can get it built at speed, allowing you to open your doors to customers sooner than you could have imagined.
  • You Can Change the Building Purpose – if you ever decide that you no longer want to run a hotel, your clear span building can be repurposed to suit any other business idea you want to try out.
  • You Will be Safe From Fire – steel buildings are naturally fire-resistant, meaning that you are less likely to have to rebuild your hotel should there ever be a fire inside or outside your building.
  • You Can Look After it Easily – metal buildings don’t usually need much maintenance, saving you cash on repairs. Simply complete an annual check to ensure that there are no issues that need to be solved.
  • You Can Enjoy Cheaper Insurance – as there are fewer risks with a metal building, you can also look forward to lower insurance costs, saving you even more cash than you’d realized!

Getting Your New Hotel Designed with Help from Garage Buildings

At Garage Buildings, we’ve been providing quality clear span buildings to our clients for many years, and we are here to help you design the perfect solution for your new hotel. When you come to us for help, you can look forward to working with an expert team of designers who will produce customized plans that adhere to your specifications.

Each of our metal buildings is planned using 3D design software that gives you the ability to visualize what your hotel will look like before we’ve even started cutting out the steel. This means that you are more likely to be pleased with the finished results without the need for any tweaks.

As the leading dealer of metal buildings, our company is on hand to answer your questions and help you to make the right choices for your new hotel business.

Why don’t you get in touch to arrange an initial discussion and find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals? Call today at +1 (866) 355-4442 and let the team at Garage Buildings help you – we know that you will not regret it!

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