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Everything You Need to Know about 2-Car vs. 4-Car Garages
Nov 2020

Everything You Need to Know about 2-Car vs. 4-Car Garages

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

When you take pleasure in having enough storage and space for all your most cherished possessions, you’ll enjoy installing a metal garage at your residential property. Through a garage, you can provide incredible room for working, projects, parking, and more. While the possibilities for your garage (whether 2-car or 4-car in capacity) are truly endless, knowing a few concrete things about their differences will help you choose one.

Discovering the Ideal Garage

Many people protest that the garage that comes with their new home or the one they’ve relied on for years seems simply too small. They would like to do repairs inside, store bikes, spend time comfortably in it, and still have room for a car. So, while there is no perfect size for everyone, you may fall into the category of people who want ample room for life and all its activities. As a result, you must plan your garage to every last detail for the ideal outcome.

For example, many people want a garage to work for them rather than the other way around. They don’t want to waste time repairing their garage regularly, painting it, or fixing weather damage. We can say at least this: A metal garage is ideal for most people because it serves them for the greatest amount of time with the least difficulty. These metal garages survive all kinds of weather and usage conditions. With that, let’s dive into the differences between garage sizes.

Exploring the Realities and Dimensions of 2-Car Metal Garages

If you need the most limited garage capacity for your residential property, you might choose to fit exactly two cars in your garage and nothing else. For the couple or individual that simply parks and takes off for the house, two-car garages (or double-car garages) could be right for you. Metal building dealers of 2-car steel garages recommend at least 20 feet by 20 feet in which there will be little room for anything but parking and minimal storage.

Examining the Average-Sized Garage and Its Capacity

Knowing the average-sized garage means understanding the dimensions of most cars. The typical car measures 17 feet long and almost 7 feet wide in some cases. That’s why the most conventional garage makes a room 24 feet by 24 feet or larger. With this, you can find space for storage shelves, tools, a workbench, and perhaps more if you use the space well. This option can be good for those who need a little more room without stressing the room they’ve made for the new garage.

Expanding the Possibilities through 4-Car Garages and Dimensions

Four-car garages remain something of a rarity for the average home. People often discover them only on the most sprawling and luxury properties. Dealers often make these garages to custom orders from customers who have big plans for their garage. In general, they are 36 feet in width, 24 feet in depth, and carry two 16 foot doors. All this space allows for cabinetry, bikes, projects, and special uses that you couldn’t find in a smaller garage.

Using Your 2-Car or 4-Car Metal Garage Perfectly

Garages can be like the second home you always imagined. So many opportunities exist for a person that you may become overwhelmed with the choices of activity. While you will need heat, electricity, or maybe soundproofing for some of these ideas, you can accomplish them all fairly easily and make your garage into a welcome addition. Use these useful ideas to get inspired by your new garage:

2-Car Garages

  • Parking for the essential vehicles of the home
  • Vertical and wall storage of small, useful items
  • Space for a small service cart for repairs when unused
  • Insulated conditions for maximum usability
  • Bonus space for single-car households
  • Garage doors with style and charm

4-Car Garages

  • Storage of cars, bikes, clothes, and everything between
  • Workshop space for repairs, tools, and machinery
  • Entertaining room for bands, movies, and parties
  • Crafting and creative space for lively children
  • Growing and greenhouse options for green thumbs
  • Versatility as an office, game room, or apartment

Buy Your Metal Garage from Garage Buildings

Installing a prefab garage comes at a time when you’re seeking maximum enjoyment from your home with extra space for parking, storage, and more. You’ve explored the various sizes and capacities of the most popular garage sizes and, hopefully, determine which size will be best for your unique projects and desires. Get ready to make those dreams and decisions a reality by getting a maintenance-free metal garage from Garage Buildings.

Garage Buildings is an experienced dealer of custom and ready-to-go metal buildings and garages. They are experts at delivering on-time, making customers happy, and getting A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau. With their experience in metal buildings of all kinds, they bring the highest quality steel and qualified design consultants to every purchase.

If you wish to make your garage the best place it can be for your home, then choose one of the steel and metal garages from Garage Buildings, a leader in providing high-quality metal garages for commercial and residential applications. Find the newfound ability to store your cars, house your projects, and use your space with a new metal garage. Contact Garage Buildings about your dream garage today at +1 (888) 234-0475!

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