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Design Levels of Prefab Metal Buildings
Jul 2020

Design Levels of Prefab Metal Buildings

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

The popularity of and subsequent demand for metal buildings has increased dramatically in the United States thanks to the many benefits they offer at budget-friendly prices. With more and more Americans turning to these versatile buildings for their various needs, a basic understanding of the design levels of prefab metal buildings is important.

Garage Buildings is at the leading edge of the metal building industry, especially when it comes to customer service. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to understanding the benefits of metal buildings and the levels of design available. Read on to expand your knowledge of the metal building world and discover which design level is right for you!

The Four Basic Levels of Metal Building Design

The design levels of prefab metal buildings can be broken down into four basic categories. Sorting steel buildings in this manner makes it much easier to understand what features buildings in each level typically have, allowing you to quickly determine which is best for your intended applications.

Standard Metal Buildings

The most affordable and basic metal building variety is known simply as standard. By and large, this level of prefab metal building design is a metal box with few other features. You still have options regarding roof pitch, eave height, width, and length, so even the most economical metal building can be modified to facilitate your needs.

Modified Metal Buildings

The level of design takes a standard metal building and tweaks it in minor yet significant ways. For example, different metal building buyers require different entrances. Modified metal buildings can be customized to included doors, frame-outs, and windows specific to your needs. The same goes for the pitch of the roof or the load-bearing capacity of the building. In other words, modified metal buildings give you slightly more control over the structural and functional aspects of your building.

Custom Metal Buildings

The third level of design is custom metal buildings. This level includes steel buildings that are more heavily customized than their modified metal building counterparts by that still share a standard metal building base.

Extra-large buildings, roof modifications, major floorplan changes, and other such customizations all fall under this category. Because they are more involved changes, extra time may be needed to design, engineer, and deliver custom metal buildings in comparison with standard steel buildings.

Highly Customized Metal Buildings

Buildings in this design level typically require original architecture, which means the cost and time associated with design and engineering are much higher. These steel buildings are usually one-of-a-kind, making them specialized and unique.

Some of the features commonly found in highly customized metal building designs are large clear span areas, innovative roof designs, exceptionally high ceilings, exponentially increased building loads, and more. Applications include everything from churches to sports arenas!

Design Customizations Available at Every Level

No matter what level of design you choose for your prefab steel building, certain customizations will be available. These common customizations are perfect for ensuring your metal building fits your needs even if you opt for a standard model. The available options are listed below, and we recommend reaching out to Garage Buildings for further guidance.

  • Exterior colors
  • Doors and windows
  • Framed openings
  • Size Dimensions
  • Certifications
  • More – Call Garage Buildings for a comprehensive list!

A Design Level for Every Need

America thrives thanks to its diversity. That same diversity means that different people have different building requirements. With Garage Buildings, the best established dealer of prefab steel buildings in the country, all of those needs can be met with ease.

From a standard design with minimal customizations to a completely state-of-the-art highly customized metal building, Garage Buildings and its team of experienced professionals will guide you through the process of designing, ordering, and installing your dream building. With intuitive online tools and the best customer service in the industry, your experience is sure to be better than you could imagine.

For more information on the design levels of prefab metal buildings, the customization process, or anything else related to steel buildings, simply call Garage Buildings today on +1 (888) 234-0475.

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