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Customize A Metal Garage
Apr 2017

Customize A Metal Garage

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

Custom metal garages

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Customization is the is the prime driving factor for customer that buy our metal buildings and metal garages. With a huge array of design customizations to choose from, our customers can truly create their own unique building.

Surface is no issue for Garage Building either.  Gravel, ground, or concrete, or asphalt can all be used with our steel buildings.  The only requirement is a level location to ensure a steady building. Garage Buildings installers may not install your building if it can not be secured to the ground.  Safety is a high priority.

We encourage the purchasing of anchors that are specific to your location. When purchasing the required amount of  anchors needed, you could get a warranty covering you for up to 90-mph!

Whether you choose a metal garage or a simple Metal Carport, you should strongly consider our anchors to avoid disastrous situations. With our anchors, your garage will stand strong against extreme weather.

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