You Design Your Building How You Want!

One of the most popular ways to build with Garage Buildings garages and carports is your ability to transform any of our carports into whatever your project calls for.  From fully opened to fully enclosed, you control how your building looks from start to finish.


  • Add Sidewalls of different heights.
  • Choose Different Roof Styles.
  • Close One or both end walls.
  • Add Partial End Walls
  • Widths up to 60 Wide in Certain Areas
  • Add Trim
  • Customize Colors
  • Include doors and windows
  • Add Gabled Ends
  • Unlimited Length Sizes
Virtual Building Customization

We pride ourselves on providing one of the versatile buildings on the market.  Everything from commercial, residential, industrial, farm & agriculture, projects and more.  Our buildings are perfect for any situation.