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Cost Vs. Quality: Which Metal Building Fasteners Are Better?
Apr 2021

Cost Vs. Quality: Which Metal Building Fasteners Are Better?

One of the most significant innovations in the construction industry has been the continuous development of prefabricated metal buildings. The construction of these buildings involves using many critical components, one of which is metal building fasteners.

Metal fasteners play a crucial role in holding the parts of metal buildings together, like roofs and walls. There is no way you can afford these fasteners loosening up due to any unfortunate reason. This can not only lead to significant accidents but also higher maintenance costs. Thankfully, you avoid all of these issues by developing an understanding of which metal fasteners are most suitable for your project.

Not All Metal Building Fasteners are the Same

The first thing to always remember while purchasing fasteners is that all of them are different. It is vital for metal fasteners for buildings to be dedicatedly designed to deliver to the correct construction requirements. These fasteners are made to strictly meet various manufacturing standards such as SAE, ASME, and ASTM.

The fasteners used for metal building projects are exposed to various environmental elements, including moisture, dust, weather, and more; they constantly impact the construction process and parts. On that note, these metallic building fasteners need to be highly corrosion-resistant, rugged, and accurately sized.

Comparing the Quality and Value of Different Fasteners

When it comes to purchasing metal fasteners for buildings, the most laborious choice constructors face is choosing between quality and value. To help ease some of the decision-making burdens, let’s help you by reviewing how quality and value can affect metal building fasteners.

Quality Fasteners

While building commercial or residential metal structures, you need fasteners that do what they are meant to. There are fasteners for roofing and building that must be of the best quality and manufactured by reputable companies. These fasteners are tested for tolerance against all the crucial variables and possess the necessary quality test certifications.

Quality fasteners are crucial determinants of building strength and mustn’t be compromised. These are high-performing parts with a very high tolerance level, which is the paramount quality of metal fasteners. The price of quality fasteners may also vary greatly, depending on manufacturing costs.

Value Fasteners

Now, the metal fasteners constitute an almost invisible portion of the total project cost. This may lure you into opting for the value fasteners, which are usually the imported generic fasteners with lower prices. However, you must understand that these generic fasteners are not purposefully designed and hence have lower costs. These are only meant for general and DIY building purposes.

The value fasteners may possess specific quality standards; but, they have compromised quality. It is commonly found that value fasteners fail to meet construction requirements and don’t perform properly, ultimately compromising structural integrity.

Warranty Metal Fasteners

When selecting metal fasteners for your project, the choice to use warranty fasteners is also available. Many reputable manufacturers these days produce warranty fasteners that are an even better deal for developers. The main benefit of these deals is preventing lesser quality or alternative substitute fasteners by the installers.

It is better to choose the warrantied metal fasteners since they are produced to the highest manufacturing standards and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Ensure you’re only purchasing warranty fasteners from reputable brands that provide reasonable and prompt customer assistance as well. Also, be sure to only buy fasteners with the original manufacturer’s approval and certification and that your prospective supplier can provide them.

Impact on the Installation Cost

The kind of metal fastener you choose for your building project determines the overall installation cost too. An interesting point to note is that quality fasteners for steel buildings have a lower installation cost.

Their high initial cost is balanced with the lower installation cost thanks to their low failure rates, fewer maintenance requirements, and advanced quality. Quality fasteners can be driven fast and consistently due to their unique design and accompanying installation instruction manual.

On the other hand, value fasteners may please you with their initial low price, but they are not suitable for long-term use. They tend to have a higher failure rate, which also means higher maintenance requirements and installation effort.

What is the Importance of Material Compatibility While Selecting Metal Building Fasteners?

While purchasing metal fasteners, one factor that goes ignored often is material compatibility. However, it shouldn’t be so because using compatible metal fasteners proves highly crucial to particular purposes. The outdoor applications must only have the correct metal fasteners to avoid the most considerable risk of corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion is the most common threat when high potential metal fasteners are installed on low potential metal surfaces. Thus, choose the proper metallic building fastener that doesn’t have a substantial potential difference from the other metal surface. Low potential difference directly minimizes the risk of corrosion. Many quality fasteners come with treated surfaces for better corrosion prevention.

You must have understood the importance of getting the best quality metal fasteners for metal building projects. The two crucial things to remember while purchasing them are your building requirements and the nature of the fastener. It is essential to ensure that these two factors must match. Else, there will only be increased chances of a compromisingly unsafe building.

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