Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial Metal Buildings
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A commercial metal building is one which is used for profit rather than to live in. Typically thought of as office, retail, factory, or warehouse use, commercial buildings can also include apartments because they generate profit or can include a store front with a small living area in the back or upstairs since over 50% of the space is used for commercial purposes. Modern metal buildings fall under the same definition as they can serve those purposes as well as traditional wood or brick buildings.

Different Types of Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial buildings are known for their versatility, but they are typically designed and built according to specific needs of the person or company who intends to use the building.

  • Commercial storage buildings can be a simple design which works great for either your house or business to store seasonal items such as holiday decorations, overstock inventory, or tools and machinery which isn’t used for every job.
  • Mini storage buildings can be great for holding furniture or extra office supplies until they are needed.
  • Warehouse buildings provide extra space for items which are either waiting to be sold or are waiting to be shipped.
  • Retail buildings aren’t often thought of as being made of metal, but that’s because metal buildings can be painted with company colors or have an external sheathing applied to customize the design.
  • Office buildings are another overlooked use of commercial steel building, yet they work great as they can be insulated, have drywall and windows installed, and accommodate a customized layout of interior walls according to office needs.
  • Farm buildings are a traditional use for commercial metal buildings whether for shop space, storage for equipment and machinery, or barns for livestock or produce.

Why Go for a Commercial Steel Building?

Although traditional brick and mortar buildings are great, there are a number of factors which can make steel building a far more reasonable choice for commercial use.

  • Lower Maintenance: The simple design of commercial steel buildings prevents the need for routine maintenance required by traditional structures, as metal doesn’t rot, crack, draw termites, or succumb to other forms of damage associated with wood or concrete buildings.
  • Minimum Operation Cost: Because metal buildings require less maintenance, they can be less expensive to operate. When properly installed and insulated, metal buildings are less expensive to heat and cool than stick framed buildings, and because they are less expensive to build, they hold a lower tax value.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Metal buildings are generally made from recycled materials and are always recyclable should the building fall out of use or need replacement in the future.
  • Secure: Metal buildings do not provide easily accessible points of entry for criminals who may be up to mischief and will accept any modern security system against theft or fire.
  • Less Time to Build: Commercial metal building kits are typically modular in nature, meaning the parts are built in a factory and assembled on-site, which means they are quick to go up allowing the commercial property to start making money as it was designed to do as quickly as possible.
  • Strong and Customizable: Although commercial metal building designs are modular in nature, they can easily be altered and customized for individual needs.

Commercial Metal Building Installations

Garage Buildings includes the price of their professional team installing the building with each quote. Because metal buildings are designed as kits, they can also be installed by independent contractors of the client’s choosing. It’s always important to discuss the options with the representative providing the quote and ask a local contract for a bid toward putting the building together. Generally speaking, because Garage Buildings employs people who work with metal buildings on a regular basis, they can offer competitive pricing towards assembly.

Get a Quote for Prefab Commercial Buildings

If you need a relatively standard commercial building, you can get a rough estimate by simply reviewing standard design plans online or in person. A better way to get a quote is to contact us so a professional representative can discuss your needs, provide advice as to what has worked in the past for people with similar goals as you have for your new building, and offer a direct quote based on what will best suit your needs.