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Commercial Metal Buildings: The Perfect Choice for Your Brewery Business
Oct 2019

Commercial Metal Buildings: The Perfect Choice for Your Brewery Business

Stephan Michaels

The Brewery Industry in the United States

As a professional in the brewery industry—or someone seeking to be a professional in the brewery industry, we probably don’t have to tell you that the brewery business is booming. In fact, according to the Brewers Association, as of June 2019, there were over 7,480 active U.S. breweries (most of them small and independent) in the United States—that’s up over 4 percent from the first half of 2019 alone.

What’s even more exciting? Those numbers are only steadily increasing. In other words, if you’re just kicking off your brewery business—or looking to expand your current operation—there’s no time like the present.

Building a successful brewery business starts with a few basics—a passion for what you’re doing, the know-how to get your recipe just right, and of course, the foundation of your physical setup. While Garage Buildings can’t necessarily lend a helping hand with the perfect brew process (though we’re glad to offer our taste-test services), we can certainly help you ensure you’re building your business as productively, efficiently, and effectively from the start.

How? Well, it all starts with the right type of building—a commercial metal building.

The Right Type of Brewery Starts With the Right Type of Building

Whether you’re just looking to open your brewery business or you’re in the process of expanding your current setup, you’re in the right place. In other words, this article is specifically for you.

Starting off your brewery business—or your new expansion—on the right foot is essential to your business’ success—that absolutely includes the physical construction of your building.

As opposed to other entrepreneurial endeavors, your actual, physical setup is going to be hugely important for your brewery because you need a safe, secure, reliable, and effective space to create your beer masterpieces.

At Garage Buildings, we believe the right setup begins with the right commercial metal building or commercial metal structure.

Why? Because the right prefab commercial building can ensure your business isn’t just starting off on the right foot, but also, can make for a no-fuss expansion when your business booms, offer you exceptional durability you can rely on, and provide you with a virtually maintenance-free structure that won’t break the bank (an essential for businesses that are just starting out).

How Metal Buildings Can Benefit Your Brewery

So, how exactly do commercial metal buildings benefit your brewery? In a lot of ways. At Garage Buildings, we’re incredibly passionate about the benefits of metal buildings—which means we could talk your ear off for hours. But for the sake of brevity (and not to bore you to tears), we’ll just share a few of our favorite benefits:

Prefab Commercial Buildings Offer You the Durability and Reliability You Need

You know—better than anyone—how important the physical space is for your brewery. It needs to be safe, reliable, dependable, and durable. Why? Because the physical building is where the magic happens—it’s where you have meetings, where you work with your staff, and of course, it’s where your product (the very source of your income) is made. It only makes sense you’d need a reliable location. That’s where commercial metal buildings come in. These metal structures can withstand anything that nature throws at it—whether that’s heat, snow, heavy rain, strong winds, or seismic activity. When you choose prefab metal buildings, you choose reliability and durability.

Commercial Steel Buildings Won’t Break the Bank

In a perfect world, affordability wouldn’t matter—but as an entrepreneur who has costs to consider, you know it does. Which is why commercial metal buildings are another excellent choice for folks in the brewery business. Metal construction is about 30 percent cheaper than traditional construction—both because it requires a smaller foundation and because it requires a short construction time. Every component that goes into crafting a metal structure arrives at the project site entirely ready for assembly, too, which dramatically affects the cost of building a physical location.

Commercial Metal Structures Are Virtually Maintenance-Free

Speaking of affordability, maintaining a commercial metal structure is essentially non-existent. As a brewery business owner, you already know that your facility absolutely needs to meet food and safety standards—with a virtually maintenance-free metal structure, you’re a step ahead of the game. (Besides, think of the money you’ll save on materials that would be necessary for upkeep with a traditionally constructed building).

Metal Buildings Give you the Ample Interior Space You Desire

The best part? Commercial metal buildings provide you with the excess interior space you need for your heavy-duty equipment. Further, these buildings are easily adjusted, customized, and expanded as needed, making it the perfect solution for brewery owners who seek modifications for the future.

As a brewer, you probably already know how much interior space, low-maintenance, and affordability can benefit your business—and as a company that cares about what matters to you, Garage Buildings is fully invested in providing commercial metal buildings to meet those needs. If you’re interested in a metal building for your business, have questions about how commercial metal structures could benefit your business specifically, or just want to chat with a representative, reach out to Garage Buildings—the leading dealer of commercial metal buildings. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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