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Draft Dodgers: 3 Options to Keep the Cold Out of Your Metal Garage
Jan 2019

Draft Dodgers: 3 Options to Keep the Cold Out of Your Metal Garage

Even when the weather outside gets frightful, wind-blocking draft dodgers are delightful… and wonderfully simple to make. Just as we lose body heat through our heads, our garages, workshops, and sheds lose warmth through pesky drafts that sneak in through doors and windows. While it lacks the romance of a toasty fire in the hearth, stopping up those drafts can go a long way in preserving the heat generated by your radiator or heater. We’ve compiled a collection of our favorite DIY draft blockers in the hopes that you’ll get all fired up for a weekend project that will keep you warm in your new building all winter long.

Lock In the Heat

When the wind starts to whistle through the windows and the doors, you can stop the draft by stitching together a simple draft dodger like this one. Use a fabric with some weight and texture to it (all the better to lock in the heat), sew it together in a tube shape, then add a filling of your choice—batting, dried beans, uncooked rice, newspaper—then sew it shut.


Double up on the cold-proofing in interior rooms with a dual-sided draft blocker. A rigid foam filling works best for this option. If you’re particularly resourceful, you might try to sacrifice last summer’s pool noodle for a little extra warmth this season.

Seal It Up

Weather stripping is a great cheap option for not simply keeping out the cold, but those pesky critters as well! It is offered in a variety of colors to match your structure or door and can last quite a while. In addition to it being great for keeping out the cold it stays on year-round and can help with rain and pests in the warmer seasons also.

Easy and Cheap

Perhaps the easiest and most restrained draft blocker on our list (and also the cheapest) takes no time at all. Repurposed pipe insulator, cut in half lengthwise, will fit snugly at the bottom of most doors. The best part? Your draft blocker will stay attached when the door is opened or closed.


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