Clear Span Buildings

Clear Span Buildings
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The whole idea of a clear span building is simple. It is a building structure that is the size of the building with no support beams. The best types of clear span warehouse buildings are those made of steel. Their simple, sturdy design can be used for many purposes, and they last much longer than structures made from wood, brick or other materials.

Applications of Clear Span Metal Buildings

Many kinds of applications are possible with a clear span structure since the limitations that involve working around structural beams are removed. They can be for gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, racetracks, and other athletic activities. Barn and farm-based applications are also possible, such as equestrian, livestock housing, and grain feed storage. And, speaking of storage, clear span buildings are a natural idea for warehouses, logistics, and storage companies. They can also be useful for company storage applications when climate control is not needed.

Besides the use of storage, clear span buildings also help provide protection for cars, airplanes, boats, and other vehicles from the harsh elements. This proves to be a valuable commodity in the military, automotive, aerospace, fishing, travel, transportation industries, and more. Airports, car dealerships, marinas, and trailer parks are just a few of the mind-boggling benefits that clear span buildings have for their owners.

Benefits of Clear Span Metal Buildings

As mentioned before, there are a wide number of benefits that clear span buildings provide, including but not limited to:

Fast and Easy Installations

– Simple structure designs are quick to assemble compared to other warehouse type structures.

Highly Sustainable

– Clear span buildings cost much less than other structures since steel is affordable and a renewable source.


– Tough steel metal is known for its durability and can withstand even the harshest natural elements.

Large Interiors

– The spacious simple interior of a clear span building provides flexibility for the applications you want. You’re in control!

Low Maintenance

– Unlike wood buildings that are susceptible to insect damage and wood rot, steel clear span buildings are easy to care for. Soap and a power washer is all that’s needed.

Minimum Planning

– Who wants to spend time head-banging over building your building? Unlike other building structures that can be complicated to plan their layout, clear span buildings are a simple rectangular design. And that’s it. They can be open or completely enclosed. The rest is up to you! Therefore, you can practically take as little or as much time as you want to plan their design and building them.

Clear Span Metal Building Sizes, Customization and Installations

Our clear span buildings at Garage Buildings have a wide range of customizing and color options. Choose from classic barn red to blue, green, tan, white and more. You can even pick a color than best represents your company if you like. Choose from various options of dimensions from small to large. You can also make them wide or narrow for the function you want. Different sizes are no sweat for a clear span metal building. Our clear span structures can also have doors, walls and panels. Want to install a quick two-car garage? No problem. Equestrian housing with separate panels? Piece of cake. The structure can also be as simple as a roof awning to house your boat or provide a sheltered picnic area. It’s literally up to your imagination.

Clear Span Building Prices

Prices for clear span buildings at are very competitive. You can rest assured that you won’t hurt your pocket book with this type of affordable and reliable building! Our clear span buildings also have affordable customization options that help you create the look you want and provide the function you need. Contact us for more details regarding pricing and inventory availability.

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