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Celebrating Farmer’s Day with Fun Activities for the Family
Oct 2021

Celebrating Farmer’s Day with Fun Activities for the Family

Stephan Michaels

Why Celebrate Farmer’s Day?

Did you know that Agriculture is one of the world’s oldest professions? October 12th is National Farmer’s day, a day marking the end of the year’s summer harvest, and a day of tribute for the hard work and contributions American farmers have made throughout the years.

Since the country’s inception, hardworking farmers have been responsible for producing an enormous portion of America’s food supply, and their dedication to the craft regularly keeps millions of bellies full. In fact, you most likely enjoy the benefits of their back-breaking labor each time you sit down at the dinner table.

Fall Activities to Celebrate Farmer’s Day with the Family

Below, we’ve put together a great list of activity ideas to help you and your family celebrate Farmer’s Day the right way.


Hayrides are an excellent way to get out on the farm! These local farm tours are an exciting escape for children and adults alike. Whether you’re just enjoying the view of the surrounding countryside or surviving a haunted hayride, you’re bound to have a blast!

Pumpkin Patches

What is fall without pumpkins? This mainstay of the season is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. They’ll love picking out their own pumpkins, and you’ll get the satisfaction of spending your time at the farm instead of purchasing one from the store. And when they’re done choosing the perfect pumpkin, you get to take them home and carve them up for Halloween! Don’t forget to save the seeds for baking!

Corn Mazes

Another fantastic family activity. Corn mazes are great entertainment for everyone in the family, regardless of age! These mazes can be easily constructed to offer hours of fun and adventure for all ages. Just don’t get lost!

Cooking Apple Cider or Apple Butter

Many larger farming families organize apple cider or apple butter events in the fall months, so why not combine this tradition with your next Farmer’s Day celebration? Gather the family around and enjoy the incredible scents of cinnamon and spices as you press and cook up delicious food stocks for the winter months.

Festival Food

There’s nothing wrong with going the traditional home-cooked route but adding festival food to your Farmer’s Day event is sure to be a massive hit. Whether you’re serving a small family, or catering to a large gathering, food trucks keep everyone happy and fed. After a hayride and a thorough examination of pumpkins in the patch, your kids will want a fresh hot snack!

Live Music

If you’ve added festival food or food trucks to the celebration, why not go all out and set up some live music? It’s the perfect way to brighten the mood and add some extra flair to an already fun event.

Caramel Apples

If you’re cooking apple cider, you’re bound to have apples in abundance! Making caramel or candied apples is a fun way to celebrate the holiday with your family and kids. Just melt down some caramel and dip in your fresh apples for a delicious and exciting Farmer’s Day snack.

Cornhole and Skill Games

Setting up a few games is an excellent way to liven up a party and entertain a larger group of people! And it’s easy! Simply set out a few cornhole boards, Trivia, or apple bobbing barrels, kick back, and enjoy the party!

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Farmer’s Day is an important event for farmers around the county. It’s a celebration of all the hard work and dedication these individuals have put into their work over the years, and a time to take note of how much of impact agriculture plays in our lives.

Farmer’s Day is a perfect chance to kick back with family and friends and enjoy some much-needed quality time. And there are many ways to properly celebrate the holiday. Between hayrides, warm apple cider, and hills covered in hundreds of orange pumpkins, there’s fun to be had for everyone regardless of age.

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