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Building a Commercial Indoor Firing Range in a Metal Structure
Jan 2020

Building a Commercial Indoor Firing Range in a Metal Structure

The popularity of indoor firing ranges is expanding rapidly in the United States, and with no signs of slowing down. This should come as no surprise, as interest in the activity and the percurrent of firearms have both grown as of late. Plus, what better place to hone your skills than in a safe environment that is protected from the elements?

If you are considering capitalizing on this rising popularity by opening an indoor shooting range, there are a few things you should know first. Read on to discover the pros and cons of indoor shooting ranges and how metal buildings can facilitate your dream!

Metal Structures are the Key!

When deciding to open an indoor firing range, selecting the right type of building is one of the first and most vital steps. If you’re unsure of where to begin, don’t worry-we’ve got you covered!

Metal buildings offer the space and versatility to effortlessly house your indoor shooting range, no matter the layout and style you envision. In fact, the diversity of metal buildings allows you to choose the exact right building for you and your dream.

Initial Things to Consider

Before selecting the perfect steel structure for your indoor firing range, you must ask yourself a few key questions that will help define exactly what you are looking for in a metal building. Going through these questions before selecting a building will ensure you end up with the right building for you and your business.

Start by realistically assessing how many customers you will likely service at any given time. You will need to choose a building with the correct capacity for the traffic you anticipate. Hand-in-hand with capacity comes the necessity for adequate safety protocols for both employees and customers. Any time you have people gather in a place of business, safety protocols are vitally important. Adding firearms to the mix only accentuates this necessity.

Speaking of firearms, you will need to define which types will be permitted at your indoor shooting range. The types of firearms allowed will determine the size of the building you need, how it is laid out, and other important factors. For example, will the building ventilation be sufficient for the firearms being used? Have you considered the noise that will be produced and taken adequate steps to insulate the participants and the surrounding area from it?

What are the Steps to Open an Indoor Shooting Range?

Once you have answered the questions above (and any others you can identify as being important before selecting a metal building), it’s time to start considering the steps necessary to open an indoor shooting range. Many of these steps involve the building itself, so make sure you’re familiar with them before you start the process of opening!

Site Preparation – Before a steel building can be selected and built, a site must be chosen and appropriately prepared. It must be the correct size for the building you have in mind and be cleared of any debris or plant life that could interfere with construction. Some locations may require permits, as well, so be sure to secure those before you start preparing and leveling the site!

Shooting Range Permits – To open a place of business where firearms are used, you will need permits. These can vary based on your location, so research thoroughly, and don’t assume that your area is the same as those you’ve read about on the internet (or elsewhere). If you fail to secure the appropriate permits, you could put yourself in a position of severe consequence.

Optimal Air Ventilation System – The fumes and particles that enter the air at a shooting range can be dangerous if present in high enough concentration. As such, it’s vital to have an optimal air ventilation system for your indoor ventilation system. Not only is air quality in jeopardy, but the long-term health of your employees and patrons could also be at risk.

Soundproofing System – Firearms can be loud, and loud noises can damage your hearing. Shooters should, of course, wear appropriate gear, including earplugs or earmuffs, but you also need to invest in a soundproofing system. There are specific guidelines available to ensure everyone’s hearing stays safe-and that the neighbors don’t get fed up-but a general rule of thumb is that decibels should not exceed 140 indoors.

Bullet Trap System – Anytime live bullets are being fired at a range-indoors or outdoors-it is important to have an appropriate bullet trap system in place. There are certain regulations that must be followed to ensure safety for the people present, the surrounding area, and the environment, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them and implement a system that meets or exceeds the recommendations!

Fire Safety and Lead-Mining Maintenance – Depending on the materials used for your bullet trap system, you may need to implement extra fire safety protocols and set aside time for lead mining that can reduce your operation and bottom-line. Make sure you factor these things into your plan, as they can have a profound influence on the level of profit your indoor shooting range may see.

Buy a Metal Building Today to Build Your Indoor Shooting Range!

Building and opening an indoor firing range is no small task, but with Garage Buildings on your side, you’re setting yourself up for success. Garage Buildings has earned a reputation as one of the best, most established dealers of metal buildings in the United States. As such, its experienced professionals can help you with any questions you may have and guide you toward the perfect steel building for you and your business.

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