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A Custom Metal Garage is the Perfect DIY Project
Jun 2021

A Custom Metal Garage is the Perfect DIY Project

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

Your vehicles are personal assets. You want to protect them. If you’re going to pass these items down to other members of your family or resell them, you want them to continue to grow in value. You also want to protect them from any damage either from Mother Nature or from thieves and vandals. You can never be too careful with your commuter cars, sports cars, or motorcycles. That is where a structure like a DIY Metal Garage can be the perfect solution for you.

With longer days coming, we all want to be outside more. A perfect space for any of your home or work projects can be a metal garage. The possibilities for this family or adult hangout space are endless. It will also increase your residential or commercial property value instantly. With DIY metal garages arriving at your home ready to be built, this do-it-yourself project will only take a couple of days until it is fully prepared to use.

Your Perfect Summer Project: A Prefab Metal Garage Kit!

Your metal garage can be a port for vehicles and home appliances like lawnmowers, or it can be a space for your hobbies. Maybe a paint studio or photography studio? Perhaps a woodworking shop? Whatever you want the room for, you can rest assured that your metal garage will be the most structurally sound structure that it can be. It can be a private space for parking your cars or enjoying your hobbies, or it can serve as the storage solution you need.

When compared to wood structures, steel garage buildings offer more protection against the sun. Metal stands the test of time against the elements. It is water-resistant and won’t rot away like wood will. You also don’t have to worry about pests like termites disrupting the structure. Metal garage buildings are the best option when considering all of these factors.

Complete a DIY Metal Garage This Summer

A metal garage is the perfect summer project for you because it has many different benefits. By replacing old-fashioned wood garages with metal garages, you are getting more than your money’s worth. Here are our top ten advantages to owning a DIY metal garage:

  • Structural Strength

Steel garage buildings are the best in terms of structural strength. When compared to wood, metal is much stronger. Also, larger metal structures don’t need interior support as much as other materials. In other words, your facility can be larger without annoying beams obstructing the walkway.

  • Durable

Metal can last several decades with little maintenance involved. With little worries from pests or Mother Nature, your metal garage will last longer when compared to a wooden garage or other materials. It is much more resistant to fire, which is another bonus.

  • Flexible

Prefab metal garages are incredibly flexible. The main reason people get DIY metal garages is to shelter their cars and small engine equipment. The possibilities don’t end there, in any case. You can use this space as a she-shed, entertainment room, studio, office space, etc.

  • Cost-Effective

The cost of wood has dramatically increased in the past couple of years. When you look at the expense of materials and labor, metal garages are very affordable. Also, because these DIY metal garages are prefabricated, you can expect a more reasonable price.

  • Low Maintenance

Generally, a steel garage does not need much maintenance at all. Usually, it’s good to clean metal garage buildings once or twice a year, but it can be on an as-needed basis. On the other hand, wooden structures are susceptible to rotting and warping and need much more maintenance.

  • Safety

Metal garages are enclosed buildings with four walls and a roof. Therefore, they protect your property from all the elements: rain, wind, sun, etc. Also, because they are metal and fire-resistant, you have that added protection.

  • Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

Steel garage buildings are no longer industrial, dated-looking structures. You have a plethora of shades to choose from, along with the roof designs. A steel garage appears relatively modern now with a sleek look.

  • Added Property Value

Adding a metal garage to your property can increase your property value, especially if you don’t already have a garage. Even if you are adding structures to your property, it still generally adds value.

  • Environmentally Friendly Process

A steel garage is very eco-friendly, and you can feel good knowing you are doing a small part to help the earth. Steel is an environmentally friendly material because it can be further recycled. In fact, this robust metal does not lose any durability or strength through the recycling process. 

  • Easy Installation

Metal garages from prefab manufacturing companies are very easy to install. With everything ready to assemble, constructing these garages takes less installation knowledge. These metal garage kits are quick and easy to make; they take only a few days to build.

Design your DIY Metal Garage Kit to Make It Your Own

There are several options for your metal garage you may want to consider. If you have extreme weather, different roof types may be better for your structure. Also, the space you have will need to be considered, along with how many garage doors you would like.

You can have a metal garage with a roof that has a curved peak for more mild weather or have a vertical elevation to help with extreme weather. Once you decide what is best for your region, you can choose a garage structure. From there, you can select colors and dimensions as well. Some popular sizes include a 12×21 single car enclosed garage, a 24×36 enclosed two-car garage, and a 30×50 all vertical three-car garage.

All of the DIY metal garage kits come with the materials you need. That includes the roof panels, quality steel frame, and any other customizations you have chosen for your metal garage. You can get custom quotes along the way for any additional features you would like to be aware of the price throughout the ordering process. Your new garage, studio, personal gym, or whatever you will be using this space for will be ready to be assembled when it arrives.

Garage Buildings Knows Where You Want to Hang Out This Summer — In Your Custom Metal Garage

Steel garage buildings and DIY metal garages are the way to go if you need another storage solution for your home or business. If you need something that will stand the test of time, withstand the weather, all while adding value to your property, then a metal garage is what you need. Call Garage Buildings today at +1 (888) 234-0475 for a custom quote for any metal garage structures. You can expect the most affordable prices paired with superior customer service. Ask about quick delivery because as an established metal buildings dealer, Garage Buildings has the best lead times in the industry!

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