9 Popular Sizes for Metal RV Garages
Feb 2021

9 Popular Sizes for Metal RV Garages

Stephan Michaels
Metal RV Garages

RVs, also known as recreational vehicles, are oversized vehicles used for camping and traveling. The past few months have witnessed a rise in the importation and purchase of recreational vehicles. It has led to a corresponding increase in the demand for specially produced metal RV garages at Garage Buildings.

Don’t worry if you need RV garage buildings but don’t know the requirements of metal RV covers. You can trust the metal building expertise of the professionals at Garage Buildings.

Keep reading to learn more about steel RV garages and the various sizes available at Garage Buildings.

9 of the Best RV Garage Sizes

You need to protect all of your automobiles — big and small — from the weather, theft, and any other harm. Your recreational vehicle is different from the run-of-the-mill car. When building a metal garage for a car, truck, van, or SUV, your needs will not be the same for RV garage covers. If you don’t know what steel garages should look like, that’s okay. The knowledgeable building specialists at Garage Buildings will always provide you with professional help.

For the sake of reference, below are some of the best 9 RV garage styles:

  1. 10×25 RV Garage

    The 10×25 RV garage can protect a truck camper, light trailer, class B, and class B+ motorhome. This RV garage is designed and built from scratch to fit your needs and your purpose. Furthermore, you need not worry about the quality of protection this building grants your vehicles — Garage Buildings provide galvanized steel buildings that are durable and robust enough to withstand extreme pressure.

  2. 16×50 RV Garage
  3. The 16×50 RV garage is known for durability and versatility. This structure offers customers a variety of options for future applications. The professionals develop and design this RV garage with enough space to house multiple class B motorhomes. These garages can also protect several classes of recreational vehicles and class A motorhomes.

    It is important to note that professionals consider this RV garage style to be functional yet versatile. Nevertheless, you can still take advantage of comfort. Garage Buildings can easily redesign or refit your 16×50 RV garage to your taste and needs.

  4. 24×48 RV Garage
  5. If you’re looking for an RV Garage option to house multiple recreational vehicles, then the 24×48 garage is the structure you want. This building is built with galvanized steel to ensure the optimal protection for your cars and also durability in the face of rough weather.

  6. 25×30 RV Garage
  7. Are you looking for extra space? The pre-engineered 25×30 RV garage kits from Garage Buildings come with space and versatility in mind. You can expect a structure built with enough space to house multiple recreational vehicles and class B+ motorhomes.

  8. 26×36 RV Garage
  9. If what you need is a solid garage for your recreational vehicle, here’s an excellent choice for you to consider. The 26×36 RV garage is built for multiple RV storage as well as class C and class C+ motorhomes.

  10. 35×60 RV Garage
  11. Experts specifically design and engineer 35×60 RV garage to protect multiple recreational vehicles and several other classes of vehicles. They built this garage with galvanized steel components that lend to its structural integrity and durability. This structure will protect your RVs from the worst weather. You can use the space for commercial and residential purposes.

  12. 40×40 RV Garage
  13. The 40×40 RV garage is built for functions. This structure is built with galvanized steel components to give your structure durability and make it survive long-term abuse without wearing or tearing. This spacey building also can take multiple recreational vehicles or a combination of recreational vehicles and personal vehicles.

  14. 40×60 RV Garage
  15. It is yet another impressively versatile metal building solution from Garage Buildings. This RV garage has the space and strength to house multiple recreational vehicles and other classes of cars. If what you want is a highly regarded, versatile, and durable structure, this is your best choice.

  16. 50×60 RV Garage
  17. The 50×60 RV garage can house any recreational vehicle you have without worry! If you need a garage with guaranteed long-term durability and structural integrity, a 50×60 RV garage is the ideal building for you. It has enough space to protect multiple RVs and several other types of vehicles.

3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Metal RV Garages

Do you have questions about RV garages? We’ve answered the three most frequently asked questions below:

  • How can I know what size of garage to choose?
  • Choosing your garage’s size depends on the purpose or what class of vehicles you intend to keep in it. When selecting your garage size, you should also consider future alternative applications. The professionals advise that you measure in excess because a spacey building is better than a cramped building.

  • What are the customization options available for my RV garage?
  • Customization options available for designing your RV garage include roof styles, steel gauge frames, color options, doors, windows, and so on. For more information on this, call Garage Buildings at +1 (888) 234-0475.

  • Can an RV garage increase the value of my property?
  • Yes. The addition of any metal building to your property will increase your property’s value by about 13%.

    Upgrade Your Property with the Best RV Garage Buildings Available

    When it comes to RV garages, Garage Buildings provide the best on the market. If you want a solid steel building that is strong and durable enough to protect your vehicles in whatever weather, call to order your RV garage from Garage Buildings now at +1 (888) 234-0475. Expect nothing less than excellent customer service from start to finish.

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