7 best shed accessories

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Transform your garden storage into a comfortable living space!

Richard Hood

A shed should be more than a just a place in which to dump garden paraphernalia.

We wouldn’t expect everyone to convert their humble back-garden storage into a cabin that has more comforts than most living rooms, but keeping it clean, tidy and secure can make all the difference for the quality of your gardening life.

tools Adding a few choice accessories to your wooden abode can transform the dustiest shed into somewhere pleasant to plant, pot-up and plan.

Here are eight great additions to maximise your shed’s potential.

Most gardeners will accrue an arsenal of tools with which to tackle their plot. Housing such a collection needs organization to keep a shed from descending into a chaotic jumble of metal and wood.

Solar Shed Light: $30, Amazon

solar light

Cast light onto shed-bound activities and install one of these retro-looking lights.

There are stacks of similar solar lights on the market, but this one shines out brightly from the rest of the pack. It’ll comfortably illuminate the dark recesses of a medium sized shed thanks to the impressive 150 lumens bulb.

The external solar panel is easy enough to install – just fit the holding screws to keep it in place and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Ventilated Plastic Shelving Units: $55, Amazon​

plastic shelving

This sturdy, five-shelf unit will keep your shed gear ship-shape and safely stowed.

Assembly of the unit is straightforward – it took around 15 minutes to knock together, although we found that there’s a knack to getting the supporting legs to couple with the shelf sections – a gentle tap or two with a rubber-headed mallet helped coax them through the holes.

Once up and in position, the legs of this unit can be adjusted so your shelves sit level on wonky surfaces. Each shelf layer will support weights of up to 200lb – making them strong enough to shoulder a pair of petrol mowers if that is your wish.

DeWalt DCR025 20V Max/60V Max Lithium-Ion Bluetooth Jobsite Radio/Charger: $215, Amazon


Every shed needs a radio, and this compact DeWalt DCR025 is just the ticket.

The DEWALT DCR025 Bluetooth Radio Charger is able to be powered by 20V/60V FLEXVOLT DEWALT Batteries as well as AC power cord. It offers 3 AMP charging of 20V/60V DEWALT Batteries when unit is plugged into AC power. It offers a Bluetooth connectivity range of up to 100 ft. This unit also features 2 additional AC power outlets, along with Aux & 2.1 AMP USB charging ports. The AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Protocol) allows you to control your device from the radio interface. 20 Watts per channel woofers, tweeters, and air ports provide full, rich, and clear sound. As an added bonus, it also includes a bottle opener!

Solar Charger ADDTOP Portable Solar Power Bank: $44, Amazon

power bankThe modern, social media-savvy gardener will find themselves poking their smartphones just as often as poking seeds into plant pots. Instagramming and tweeting proud pictures of produce eats up valuable smartphone battery, so you’ll want to bring along a power backup should you inadvertently run out of juice.

Charge this power bank via the USB cable before leaving the house and its 4 foldable solar panels will keep it topped up throughout the day. When placed on a sunny shed window, this palm-sized power pack will charge up two USB driven devices. It also has the bonus of built-in LED torch, bright enough to light the way during late night shed shenanigans.

SABRE Shed/Garage Security Alarm: $13, Amazon

shed alarm

A common or garden shed isn’t the most impregnable of structures, so if you plan to house expensive gardening equipment within, you’ll want to maximize your security.

This shed alarm from Response is a bargain. It’s easy to assemble – just screw the unit to the wall, attach the contact breaker to your door and you are ready to go.

Once set, you’ve got 20 seconds on entry to punch in your four-digit security code before the piercing alarm sings out loud and proud. The unit also doubles up as a panic alarm – handy for summoning help should a fearsome shed spider make an unwelcome appearance.

Kryptonite KryptoFlex 30 Foot Cable Lock: $24, Amazon

cable lock

Combine this with a shed alarm (above) to double up on your shed defenses. This braided steel cable stretches to 30ft, enabling you to weave it through power tool handles, wheelbarrow stays and lawnmower parts to create a giant pinch-proof tool collective to foil the most tenacious thief.

The cable is coated with tough vinyl so it won’t chaff your precious tools, and coils away easily when not in use. The loops at each end will host most padlocks and disc locks, but pair it with a suitably robust d-lock for maximum security.

The Verdict: Best shed accessories

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