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7 Essential Questions to Ask About a New Metal Carport in Texas
Feb 2022

7 Essential Questions to Ask About a New Metal Carport in Texas

Stephan Michaels

Metal Carports in Texas

Your property, your home, and your investments in buildings are a large part of the wealth you build over a lifetime. Whether you are creating a portfolio for an individual or a family, increasing your property’s value is always an excellent long-term strategy.

A metal carport in Texas will significantly increase your property value. Metal buildings are rated highly by assessors, realtors, and insurance agencies. Raising your asset value will also affect your tax value, but financial analysts agree that this more than pays for itself when you are ready to sell.

Steel carports are engineered to withstand extreme weather; they are fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant. Face the future with confidence in a metal carport!

Metal Carport Kits: An Incredible Opportunity

You want no delays when you’re ready for your new metal carport. Don’t wait around for a crew when you can install it yourself! Metal carport kits from Garage Buildings are precut, welded, and drilled on the factory floor. You won’t need fancy tools to assemble your structure. When it arrives at your location, your kit will need only bolting and anchoring to be complete. With the help of a friend, you can have your new carport assembled in less than a day!

Metal carport kits offer so much to you, the owner. Most kits are discounted from the usual inventory of custom buildings, so talk to a representative today about finding yours! Custom options, like trim and gables, are still available to kits, so don’t worry that you’ll lose on style while saving money. Clear your lot, get your permits, have a professional pour a concrete foundation, and embark on the DIY adventure of a lifetime!

7 Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing a New Metal Carport

Before you press “ADD TO CART” on your dream carport, there are several important factors to consider. What are you planning on storing? How are you utilizing the carport? How tall does it need to be to accommodate your needs? These essential questions will save you from long-term frustration.

What Size Carport Do You Need?

Texas metal carports are custom designed by Garage Buildings for client needs. Whether you need to secure a truck, RV, boat, or ATV, our engineers can create the metal structure you want! To begin, you should measure the items you intend to shelter to ensure that the dimensions you order are the dimensions you’ll need. You’ll want to add a few feet on every side to allow for maneuvering, parking, and loading. If you aren’t sure which height or width would be best for your belongings, our specialists are happy to assist you!

Where Are You Installing Your Steel Carport?

The location of your new steel carport is very important. You’ll need to stake out your dimensions on the property and be sure that it is far enough from other structures to allow for easy installation. The site must be completely level and cleared of debris before installation can begin. You should contact your local building office to be aware of local zoning codes and the location of utilities before installing a foundation or the new carport.

Do Local Building Regulations Require That Your Carport Design Plans Be Certified?

Certification requirements vary from county to county, but our experts design incredibly strong certified structures. Every certified structure is built to meet local code, reinforced for extreme weather, and backed by industry-standard warranties. Some less reputable manufacturers may try to cut a deal on uncertified structures, but owners will discover that the future headaches are not worth it. Uncertified structures may result in fines, or a delayed sale, in the future. Garage Buildings’ specialists always recommend the professional, safe designs of certified structures.

Does Your New Metal Carport Need Additional Strength or Support?

Your metal carport in Texas will be engineered with due regard for your location’s expected annual wind and snow. The standard metal carport is built without additional steel reinforcement to keep costs low. However, our specialists can create additional trusses for incredible strength and durability if your carport is in an area that faces extreme weather conditions.

How Much Do Metal Carports Cost?

There is no standard pricing for metal carports; as frustrating as that answer may be, the truth is that every carport varies considerably from customer to customer. Custom options, location code requirements, and other factors have a significant influence on the final price. Garage Buildings provide high-quality structures at affordable prices, with the best financing options in the business. Our specialists will ensure you get the building you want at a price you’ll love.

What Are Carports Made Of?

Garage Buildings engineers every carport with high-grade, cold-formed steel. Fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant steel is the strongest and safest construction material. We pride ourselves on the quality metal carports we produce and back every building with our confidence warranties.

What Should You Do When You Have Found Your Perfect Carport?

Partner with Garage Buildings to get the best product at the best possible deal! You deserve a team of specialists who will devote themselves to your ultimate customer satisfaction!

Get Your Metal Carport in Texas Today!

The Lone Star State offers an incredible wealth of opportunities for everyone. Invest in your property and your long-term portfolio by building a metal carport!

You deserve the best, and we believe in delivering the best to every customer! There is only one place where you will have an entire team of experienced building specialists devoted to your project. We aren’t in the business of making a quick buck – we are in the business of building relationships. We take pride in every Texas metal carport we build. At Garage Buildings, our passion is providing the very best in high-quality, durable metal buildings. Call now at +1 (888) 234-0475, and discover the difference today!

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