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40’x40’ Metal Buildings in Vermont
Jan 2022

40’x40’ Metal Buildings in Vermont

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

Vermont and Metal Buildings

Vermont is home to beautiful alpine forests, mountain ranges that stretch on for miles, exciting attractions and historical sites, and a rich, vibrant culture that echoes back to the Revolutionary War. Manufacturing has overtaken agriculture as the state’s most significant economic contributor, but dairy and egg production remain major contributors. The second-largest component of the state’s economy is tourism. Visitors from around the globe visit the region regularly to take in beautiful vistas, enjoy ski trips, hiking, and leaf-gazing!

For many of these Vermonters, metal buildings have become an inseparable aspect of their lives. These structures offer the strength to outlast the harsh winters and the versatility to fit in almost any application. From small home equipment sheds to commercial retail establishments, metal buildings are a durable, cost-effective option that’s engineered to last for years. And one of the Garage Buildings’ most popular metal buildings is our 40’x40’ option. It offers a whopping 1,600 square feet of interior space. That’s more than some homes!

The Endless Versatility of Our 40’x40’ Metal Buildings

We could go on for days about the many uses for our buildings, but let’s take a look at a few interesting ways Vermonters are using their metal buildings:

40’x40’ Residential Garages

If you like to keep your vehicles in working order, it can become problematic during the winter months. Frigid conditions and heavy snow can make working on your cars miserable. But not anymore! These enclosed structures can keep you and your vehicles dry, safe, and warm no matter the time of year.

40’x40’ Commercial Garage

If you work on vehicles for a living, this structure offers more than enough room to open a commercial automotive repair shop. Install multiple bay doors and finish out a section for office spaces, and you’re gold!

40’x40’ Storage Buildings

Whether you need a place to store your stuff or you’re hoping to earn some passive income with commercial storage, our 40’x40’ buildings are up for the job!

40’x40’ Agricultural Building

For farmers and horse enthusiasts, keeping your food supplies and animals safe from the weather is essential, especially when faced with harsh Vermont snowstorms! These structures offer the space and flexibility to fit just about any agricultural need.

40’x40’ Steel Warehouses

If storing heavy or expensive equipment is something your business needs, you’ve come to the right place. A 40’x40′ steel warehouse is the perfect way to keep vital company components safe.

40’x40’ Office Spaces

Although we don’t install insulation as part of our construction process, you can easily have your building finished with insulation and paneling, transforming it into a fully livable work or office space. These structures make excellent business headquarters or corporate branch offices.

40’x40’ Metal Gym

If you’ve been looking for a cost-efficient way of getting more exercise than spending tons of money at a gym, why not build your own? Our 40’x40’ buildings offer more than enough space for heavy exercise equipment, treadmills, and weights.

She-Shed or Man Cave

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a nice relaxing space to get away from it all, or you want a den to enjoy watching the big game with friends, these buildings are the prime choice! They offer plenty of space and can be finished to look no different than a standard wooden structure.

Steel Buildings are Unrivaled

No matter where you go in Vermont, you’ll notice that steel buildings are quickly growing to become one of the most popular building methods. And there are many reasons why! First, let’s take a look at a few reasons why wooden structures can’t compete with the power of steel.

Galvanized Steel – Metal buildings provided by Garage Buildings are made from galvanized steel, making them naturally resistant to moisture and rust. This resistance will ensure that your building will last for decades without having to worry about rust issues.

Durability – Our structures are engineered to last for years against some of the worst climates in the United States. They have the sheer strength to hold up to high winds, rains, and those heavy Vermont snows.

Budget-Friendly – Have you ever wondered why most large-scale retail establishments such as Walmart or Target use metal buildings for their stores? It’s because they can be built at a fraction of the cost compared to modern stick-built structures. And in half the time!

Minimal Maintenance Costs – Since steel doesn’t break down like wood, you’ll spend a lot less time maintaining your building over the years. This will save you tons of money on reduced maintenance costs.

Less Installation Time – Not only are our structures cost-efficient, but they can also be built much quicker than wooden alternatives. Where wooden buildings take months or years to construct, these buildings can be completed in weeks.

Certification – Certification is a standardized process that ensures that your building can stand up to the climate in your particular region of the US. Additionally, for a metal building to qualify for a building permit, it will need to be certified by your manufacturer.

Pest Resistance – Since our buildings are constructed from steel, they offer no food or bedding source for rodents and wood-boring insects, keeping your structure free from pests year-round.

Fire Resistance – Did you know that our steel buildings are resistant to fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s hotter than most fires get, giving your valuables that much more chance of surviving potential house fires.

40’x40’ Metal Building Kits

If you’ve got a little bit of experience in construction, or you simply enjoy being the handyman around the house, you may enjoy our premium 40×40 metal building kits! These kits come with everything you’d find in our standard metal building kits, except you install it yourself for a discount! This is perfect for those that don’t have time to wait around for installation crews or those that want to take pride in completing a job themselves.

Vermont Residents! Get Your 40’x40’ Metal Building Today!

All across the state, residents are discovering the vast amount of benefits steel buildings offer. These structures are incredibly durable and capable of standing up to the nastiest storms the state of Vermont has to offer. Not only are they strong, but they can last for years with very little need for maintenance. That’s precisely why so many different industries use these structures for their businesses each and every day.

Garage Buildings is proud to offer premium metal buildings and metal building kits at affordable prices across the US. No matter where you call home, you can protect your vehicles, RVs, and equipment from the elements. You’ll never have to worry about rain and snow causing damage to your things with our structures.

Whether you’re looking for a new garage or you want to start a new business, a metal building is a fantastic solution. Give us a call today at +1 (888) 234-0475 and let our knowledgeable building experts help you design, customize, and install the metal building you’ve been waiting for. They’ll also be able to provide you with quotes on your 40×40 metal building’s cost. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in your future with a metal building from Garage Buildings!

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