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RV Carport Kits and Boat Covers

Are you still parking your expensive RV in the open sun or under sappy pine trees? Are you parking your boat outside with a cheap cover over it? Check out our RV carport kits and boat covers. Our RV carport kits are an excellent way to protect your investment.

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Statistics have proven that the sun, wind and snow can and will seriously devalue your vehicle in no time flat. motor home covers will preserve and protect your vehicle with a super tough steel roof.

I can’t say it enough, and you more than anyone else understands that your RV is a huge investment. Just like any other investment you will want to insure it will last as long as you own it. The best part is you are actually adding value to your property.

Various sizes are available to unlimited lengths with sidewall heights up to 14’ makes pulling your RV or motor home in and out easy. Call the experts today at and let us design a custom RV Cover to fit your style and budget. Call 1-888-234-0475

More About Our RV Carport Kits and Boat Covers


Our RV carport kits can be customized fit your needs, our double wide carports can easily accommodate and RV or Motor home and come available uncertified (standard) or certified (optional).

  • 18’ wide is the ideal width for slide outs
  • 14 gauge steel framing
  • 29-gauge roof panels designed to withstand punishing elements
  • Your choice of colors
  • Widths (by feet) 20, 22, 24
  • Lengths (by feet) typically 21,26,31,36,41,46,51
  • Our sleek attractive carports offer you an extensive array of standard features: colors, sizes, roof types and door sizes:
  • Rounded Corners with horizontal roof panels
  • A-Frame Horizontal Carports: A frame Roof Design with Boxed Eaves with Horizontal Roof Panels
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof: A frame Roof Design with Boxed Eaves w/ Vertical Roof Panels (Optional)
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • All Heavy Galvanized Steel Framing
  • 14 Gauge Steel Framing Standard for all RV and Motor home covers and Carports
  • Various Colors
  • Certified (Optional) and Non Certified Available (Standard)
  • Each Certified Structure is wind and snow rated meeting or exceeding your local municipal requirements. (Optional)
  • Delivery and Installation Included on Every RV and Motor Home covers and carports



We also offer a variety of options with our RV and Motor home covers. You can customize your carport for access from the ends of the structure or from the sides. You can even have it completely enclosed with roll up doors up to 16 feet wide and 14 feet high.

  • The sidewall height of our RV and Motor home Covers starts at 10 feet and goes up to 12 feet
  • The center line of the roof on our car ports and covers is typically 3 feet higher than the unit’s leg height. The roof pitch would depend on the width of your car port or steel building.  It varies between 2-4 feet but most of the time it is 3 feet 2 inches higher than the leg.

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If you need assistance deciding on the right roofing for your needs, contact us. Our staff is ready to assist with your requests. Call 1-888-234-0475

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