Carports & RV Covers

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$595 Carports Available for 2-3 Week Delivery in some areas! Call for your area 1-888-234-0475

Common Uses

  • Recreational Vehicle(RV)
  • Carport
  • Boat Cover
  • Picnic Cover
  • Motor Home Cover
  • Pump House
  • Batting Cage
  • Utility Cover
  • Walkway Covers
  • Automotive Workshop
  • Car Lifts
  • Garden Covers

Monthly Specials. Save thousands going factory direct

Putting Up A Carport or RV Cover has never been so easy!

Protect your investment and save big with Carports. We provide everything you need to get up and running quickly. From the beginning when you contact our professional building experts; till the end when our installation crew arrives at your location. We have painstakingly simplified all the steps to ensure a smooth and effortless setup for you when you purchase carports with us. Don't fumble around dealing with competitors giving you the run around. Let make your entire purchase as easy as possible.

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Carport and RV Covers

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Why Customers Choose Us

Garage Buildings has years and years of experience helping small, large businesses, and organizations grow their operations. has established itself as a leader in the industry. We recognize that growing companies cannot afford downtime while in production with costly delays in construction. That’s why we will supply, deliver and erect any commercial steel buildings of your choice direct from the factory. Offering fully customizable buildings that cost much less than buildings made with other material, our commercial steel buildings are perfect for commercial and industrial applications.

Let one of our experienced reps design the metal building that’s right for you, insuring a design that’s attractive, versatile and built to last. 


  • 14-gauge steel tubular framing
  • 29-gauge roof panels designed to withstand punishing elements
  • Your choice of colors
  • Widths (by feet) 16-60’ wide
  • Lengths (by feet) typically unlimited lengths
  • Our sleek attractive commercial storage buildings offer you an extensive array of standard features: colors, sizes, roof types and door sizes:
  • Rounded Corners with horizontal roof panels
  • A-Frame Horizontal Commercial Buildings: A frame Roof Design with Boxed Eaves with Horizontal Roof Panels
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof: A frame Roof Design with Boxed Eaves w/ Vertical Roof Panels (Optional)
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • All Heavy Galvanized Steel Framing
  • 14 Gauge Steel Framing Standard for all Commercial Steel Buildings
  • Various Colors
  • Sidewall heights from 10-30’ high
  • Certified (Optional) and Non Certified Available (Standard)
  • Each Certified Structure is wind and snow rated meeting or exceeding your local municipal requirements. (Optional)
  • Delivery and Installation Included on commercial building

Need Help? Get in touch with our carport or rv covers specialists for assistance today!

///// Starting at $595

Boat Covers, RV Covers, Carports, Trailer Covers, Customized Carport Solutions

Available Dimensions //////

Widths Available For Carports Lengths Available For Carports Heights Available For Carports
12 21 5
18 26 6
20 31 7
22 41 8
24 46 9
26 51 10
28 Unlimited 11
30   12
32   13
34   14
36   15
38   16
40   17

Why Are There No Prices Listed Online?

This is a popular question amongst the customers that contact us frequently.  Most base model carports start at $595 but different factors fall into play on how pricing actually comes about.  The First is your geographic location.  If you have heavy snow or wind loads this will require extra bracing or stronger steel to ensure your structure is strong enough to maintain its strength under extreme loads.  The last thing you want is your automobile to be crushed under the load of weight or fly away in a strong gust of wind.

Essentially a Carport is built to order based on your specifications.

County and State Requirements

The Second is your county and state.  Some cities across the united states require that any building placed on a property must meet the state or counties building codes.  This usually requires stronger steel or other materials that may be needed to ensure your building is approved under their building codes.  In some instances if the steel structure does not meet your cities codes they will potentially tell you to tear down the structure or modify it.  If you are not sure about your county contact our experts and they can pull it up for you.  Contact Garage Buildings

Do you Delivery and Install My Carport?

Yes Garage Buildings will both deliver and install your carport absolutely free.  With our Network of factories here in the United States we cover the entire United States.

Expedited Delivery : 2-3 Weeks ( Based On Availability)  Call for your area

Standard Delivery :4-6 Weeks ( Standard Customer Expectation but could be sooner )

Long Term Delivery : You Set the date (Let us know when you want it delivered in the future and we will hold the building for you at no additional charge.)

What Happens If I need to reschedule Delivery?

This is a simple process.  Simply contact our customer service department and they will change your delivery date at no additional cost to you!

Is the Carport Steel Made Here In America?

We do not outsource a single portion of our business!  All of our steel including our company are all based here in the United States. You will never deal with overseas reps or steel manufactured outside of the United States.