Auto Mechanics Small shops and Auto Mechanics buildings

Steel building garage kits and prefab metal garages from are an excellent choice for a small shops that do auto repair, metal shop work, or small manufacturing. Our steel buildings are very flexible to meet the need of any demanding Automotive needs.

Keeping your clients happy and your equipment sheltered from the damaging elements of mother nature is vital for any small business.  It also keeps your shop safe from thieves or vandals that maybe trying to get in.

Getting a  space for a workshop for your business or hobby is so affordable with a we would be out of business if we dropped the prices any lower!

Whether you need an additional garage for your home, a place to store classic cars or a large building to store hundreds of vehicles for your car dealership, Garage Buildings Garage Kits are fully customizable with column-free interiors and a clear span allowing you to park your automobiles and run forklifts without having to navigate around support beams.