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Prefab Metal Garage Kits

Our prefab metal garage kits come in many configurations. You can choose the, size, height, width and even the color. We have the ability to suit your specific structural and style needs.

Our Small Prefab Metal Garage Kits Can Be Used For An Auto Mechanic Shop

prefab metal garage kits


Prefab metal garage kits are an excellent choice for:

  • an auto repair shop
  • a metal workshop
  • a small manufacturing shop
  • or a warehouse or garage for storing vehicles and equipment.

A garage will keep your vehicles and equipment sheltered from the damaging elements of mother nature. Our steel buildings will also protect your valuables from thieves.

Expanding Your Business With Our Prefab Metal Garage Kits

Are you the type that has always worked on cars and equipment? Have you always dreamed of expanding your passion into a business? Well because our prefab metal garage kits are so affordable you can easily turn your dream into a reality.

Whether you need an additional garage for your home, or a place to store that classic car that you have worked so hard on — we have a solution for you.

Our prefab metal garage kits come in a variety of sizes. If you own a car dealership you can easily and quickly order a building large enough to store hundreds of cars for safe keeping. We can pre-engineer a metal building with a column free interior allowing you to store your inventory without having to navigate around support beams.

Ordering One Of Our PreFab Metal Garage Kits Saves You Money

You save money when you choose for your metal garage. We can build your garage much faster than using traditional construction methods. We ship your prefabricated garage directly to you from the factory. Our buildings are backed with a 25 year limited warranty on roof panels, a lifetime warranty on the roof fasteners and a 40 year warranty on siliconized polyester coatings for rust prevention.

40x50 steel buildings


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Click the images below to see how can meet your small shop, metal workshop, auto garage, warehouse, vehicle and equipment storage needs.

 triple wide carport with vertical roof and walls green


We also offer a variety of options with our storage buildings.. You can customize your commercial building for access from the ends of the structure or from the sides. You can even have it completely enclosed with roll up doors up to 16 feet wide and 14 feet high.

  • The sidewall height of our commercial buildings starts at 10’ feet and goes up to 30’ feet

If you need assistance deciding on the right roofing for your needs, contact us. Our staff is ready to assist with your requests. Call 1-888-234-0475